Hello everybody.
At the moment, poker is one of the most recognizable and demanded games in the world.

Many blockchains have their own poker groups. We have already held poker with the participation of the NEAR Community. This tournament allowed attracting new users to Near and additional transactions within the Near network with Near tokens.
Now we want to do this in near.

    •Our offer will solve the following problems: community activity, frequent transactions, , your poker chat and your poker community,attracting new people, developing the ecosystem.

  2. REACH
    •In the first month, it is planned to create a telegram bot for registrations, which will allow you to fight bots and abusers. It is planned to hold 2 tournaments a week. There are free community tournaments on Tuesday and Saturday. The free tournament implies free entry and registration, the prize fund is from us.

In the second month, it is planned to hold paid and free tournaments. Paid tournaments will include a paid entry of a participant, for example, 5Near tokens. All collected tokens during registration will be divided into a prize pool among the winners, additionally we will add from 10 to 30% of the tokens from the prize pool.

Once a month it is planned to hold a major tournament, the winner receives the role of the king of poker in the telegram channel for a whole month, which will allow him to participate in paid poker tournaments for free for a whole month.

In the 3rd month, with an active poker community, we plan to make NFT awards of a limited number and different levels. The NFT data will give you the opportunity to receive additional rewards and a discount upon registration. You can watch the activity of other poker channels and make sure that this is great marketing for Near.

    •The expected metric for 1 month is 100 Active participants interested in participating and winning in the telegram channel.

  2. COSTS
    •The requested amount: $ 500 for the development of a bot for contests and tournaments, $ 1200 for free tournament awards. $500 marketing to attract participants from other poker chats and blockchains. The salary of moderators is $ 800 per month.
    ✓Total amount: $3,000

Ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer them, as well as to contact me and confirm my identity, I am ready to provide information.Thank you for attention.:blush:


do you have any links to communities/chats/groups Telegram/Twitter/Discord?


Hi @Vanya

Thank you for your proposal. It’s unclear which project would use this telegram bot.

Is this for a specific project?

You wrote you need $500 for marketing.
What are the marketing deliverables and within which channels?


Hi Vanya, thanks for your proposal.

I note that you made a similar proposal back in January and it was not approved at the time because it was too early, still at a conception stage.

Can you provide an update on the current stage of development of the project?

Also, can you please complete the Tally form so we can have all the relevant links, social media, etc.



Hello,The bot will be used to register participants using the Near wallet and telegram account. This prevents abuse. With the help of this bot, we will be able to see the wallet address and which telegram account it belongs to. The $500 for marketing will be used in the following ways, crypto chat ads, sweepstakes and airdrops to attract new users to the ecosystem. Thanks​:blush:

How many UAW and transactions the tournament will bring to our Ecosystem? Thanks

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Hello,we expect the tournament to bring 300UAW per day and 1000 transactions to the ecosystem. Thanks you

Hello satojandro , the form has been completed and sent. I am waiting for approval to start working. Thank you

Great initiatives towards promoting gaming on near protocol.
and poker is the one of the hyped game right now, hope your proposal will get approve.

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Thanks for filling out Tally form.

Can you please also clarify:

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@satojandro Yes, sure. I’ve entered all the updated information on the form.

Thanks,nice to hear this

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Reminder that we ask applicants to fill out Tally form so we can has historical records that are easier to archive and search. However, we still ask applicants to post all relevant information on the forum for transparency and to enable other community members to participate in the conversation.

In its current form, I do not support this proposal. Reasons:

  • Opaque nature of the proposal. Refused to provide an acceptable answer to the questions I made twice and completely ignored questions from the community @johanga
  • I’ve looked at the website, like like it is a Web2 game that does not leverage any of the NEAR tech stack, doesn’t mention NEAR anywhere, and does not have a meaningful connection with NEAR community
  • The Telegram channel is largely inactive, with only a handful of posts over the last few months. Mostly announcements about Aurora, not much engagement to say there is an active community there.
  • I also take issue with the desired distribution channel - launching a Bot inviting people to play poker into all NEAR related chats is likely to be banned and messaged deleted within minutes. While bots can be good for automating large scale communications and simple workflows, it seems inadequate in this context being much closer to spam than anything else.
  • It is also worth mentioning that there are many great activities and rituals that the NEAR community can engage in that are not within eligible for funding from M DAO. Playing poker may be one of them.
  • Even if some of the issues above could be addressed, it is also important to note that we also same limitations on funding some of the items requested: we don’t fund prizes or competitions, we can fund dev work under narrow circumstances, we don’t fund moderators salary (and the amount requested seems out of proportion for the amount of work expected.

You are always welcomed to submit a new proposal in the future if the circumstances change. Let me know if there is anything above that I’ve missed.


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Hi @Vanya i have reviewed your proposal and noted your replies to fellow council.
I am unable to support in its current form and suggest that you address the points made by @satojandro before resubmitting in the future.

I’m sorry- I can’t figure out the use-case for this other than spamming users of other groups. It’s a no from me.

Hello, the chat is new and how can it be active if, for example, it was not funded by anyone or anything? Does it have to exist on its own?))