[PROPOSAL] Developing Poker Space mobile app with focus on fair gameplay, big data based statement and tips, in game valued NFT marketplace

Poker Space (Poker Space – multi club poker) is a blockchain platform where everyone can play poker.

People are using the word “tokens” to talk about things not related to cryptocurrency or payment. We want to change it and open the Poker world to players and investors all around the world


  • NFT Rooms drived by Players;
  • Extensive statistics for players, agencies and poker recruits;
  • NFT-Yield (every NFT Room has liquidity in NEAR tokens);
  • The ability to buy inside the platform for fiat money (Infuses P2E economy with liquidity allowing to burn PSP);

Poker Space was developed by experienced poker players. We’ve been engaged in poker for more than 10 years and own the largest union of CIS clubs. Besides that, we have an exclusive club in Britain and several other clubs around the world.

Based on our experience, we concluded that usual systems are outdated and users aren’t satisfied with poker organization updates.

That’s why we decided to change it.

We want to speed up the development of core mechanics with NEAR protocol and share our expertise with your community.

The platform

Poker Space - is a complex product on the edge of modern poker, blockchain, eCommerce and DeFi markets.

The ecosystem

Platform - web and android/iOS app;

Marketplace - home of the platform’s auction house and economy driver;

Dashboard - web-based solution, built to provide Poker Union Owners instruments to manage operations inside;

DAO & DeFi - a group of smart contracts that will drive the reward system and manage NFT-items logic;

Feed - social platform with guides, news and reviews for providing engagement to the ecosystem;

The main game changing feature

The Poker Space team has come to the conclusion that software for enhancing knowledge and additional statistics in poker is no longer a novelty. Users spend a large amount of money to connect subscriptions in various user game statistics programs.

Each player within the Poker Space ecosystem will be able to upload any stage of the played hands in less than a minute. Moreover, based on the statistics, the player will be provided with recommendations that will improve the performance of his games in the long term.

Any user in the future will be able to see the statistics of other participants in the ecosystem, find out how successful the player’s career is in Poker Space.

This system will be useful to agencies and investors who are looking for promising players. In the event that major players in the poker industry would like to receive reports on players who deserve their attention on a regular basis, then Poker Space will provide reports that are connected by subscription. Both experienced players and beginners can get into these reports.

The statistics system is designed to improve your skills and knowledge in poker, effectively improve your game, and also find funding to quickly reach a large financial level of the game or participate in a dream tournament.

The players

There are 4 types of Users:

“Investors” - Community members who support the platform economy. They invest and expect ROI.

“Poker players” - “play-to-earn” players who expect earnings for winning games;

“Poker Union Owners” - creators and drivers of poker unions, organizers of poker mini-tournaments that unite players;

“Scouts” - organizations/funds/private investors that hunt for promising players and help them to grow up as professional players;

The goal

Our goals are to provide players with the best poker experience and competitive rewards, a big community for social-oriented poker players, intuitive tools for Poker Unions, and monetize our efforts to provide ROI for investors.

We build a revenue model on the regular rakeback system, the NFT-items/subscriptions trading volume among players. As veterans of the poker industry, we earn a small fee from every trade made. We share this profit with investors while Poker Unions benefit from players’ efforts.

Goals with NEAR

As we’re collaborating with HumanGuild with this grant, we’re planning the following steps:

First or one of the first Poker games in the blockchain industry will be launched on NEAR

The first NFT sale will be on NEAR

Following NFT sales will be partly on NEAR (OpenSea+Rarible and on NEAR). It will attract new users who could not buy into Ethereum and those who want to use NFT.

Part of token sales will be on NEAR.

NEAR will be the entry point for Poker space players.

Building of motivated, strong big community in social networks and Discord with more than 50k members)

The game is going to launch in 3 months after getting this grant.

The market

As a serious poker organization, we conduct market analysis and build faith in the GameFi market as a business.
The industry itself has grown significantly over the past few years. For example, before the COVID-19 pandemic, 40 million people regularly played poker. During the lockdown period, the online poker games market increased by almost 43%, and the number of players who sat down at the poker table for the first time increased by 255%. Further growth of the poker market is inevitable, because we can see the constant influx of new players and an increase in the number of tournaments growing from year to year.

The Roadmap

Q2 2022 - NFT Drop (NEAR Blockchain)

Q3 2022 - Beta version

Q4 2022 - NFT Marketplace, Tournament

Q1 2023 - Official release

Q2 2023 - Asia and Latin America expansion

The Team

Vasilii Siniugin, CEO - Co-founder of Crazy mining (sale of equipment) in 2017–2018 Founder Crypto community. Private Investor.

Armen Ambartsumian, CCO - Innovations and relationships More than 12 years of professional poker management experience. Co-founder of the Union 818 (most active player’s union at PPPoker platform in 2019) Co-founder of FullHouse an exclusive union at Great Britain area Partnership worldwide greatest unions.

Yevgeniy Sarayev, COO - Diamond Hands CTO. Several trading and investment tools developer. Co-founder of IndexJet crypto vault application. VC investor. linkedin(dot)com/in/yevgeniy-sarayev-8524b4199/

Ashot Kirakosyan, CTO - 14 years full-stack developer. 5 years team lead experience. CTO 3D-Tuning (all platforms mobile app with more than 20 mln downloads worldwide).

Darkhan Nurakhmetov - statement and tips developer. 10 years of experience working in analytics, data science and econometrics. X5 Retail Group Analytics Director, Head of Analytics and Data Science. linkedin(dot)com/in/darkhan-nurakhmetov/

The costs

We modeled our tokenomics in a five years horizon with 15% tokens vested for the team over this time.

Total cost: $ 700,000

The current stage of development is phased launches.

Total Request: 10,000 NEAR


Hello @Besuccess , i’m from the Human Guild, you submitted a grant request to the Human Guild DAO. Could you please contact us, we would like to know more about you and your project. My telegram - evg3nykh.

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