[APPROVED] "Algo me Diz" September

“Algo me Diz” is an invitation to go sightseeing without leaving the site.

Focused on being a project that values local tourism, “Algo me Diz” is a project that works from an experience told in the first person. A mixture of images and a good chronicle, offering to the viewers’ eyes images produced from a smartphone, and to the ears a personal and sincere narration of the experience of being there. The project consists in making videos of trips made in Portugal, presented through an unusual language for this type of content.

With 4 videos per month (one per week), the videos will feed the CUDO DAO video platform and will be made available on our mintbase, offering tourists from all over the world a legitimate way to experience new places and a way to connect with the community nearby.

Our first edition (with 4 videos wrote by @frnvpr is already going up on our Youtube Channel and Instagram. Every Friday a new video to enjoy. So to keep doing this project we will be asking for funds for the month of September.

Fund Request:

Production, voice recording and edition: 160 USD
Bounty to find a writer for the new 4 videos: 80 USD
Translation: 30 USD

Sub Total = 270 USD (29 N)


This month will be even more beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like a idea. This is fantastic :+1:


it has been a pleasure to write the scripts for these beautiful videos! Looking forward to work with you again in the future :blush: