[CLOSED BOUNTY] “Algo me diz” April

Hello everyone :smiley:

We at CUDO DAO are looking for a new Portuguese-speaking writer / translator for the “Something Tells Me” project for the month of April.

Something Tells Me" is a project that works from an experience told in the first person. A mix of images and a good chronicle, offering to the viewer’s eyes images produced from a smartphone, and to the ears a personal and sincere narrative of the experience of being there, besides being focused on the valorization of local tourism :airplane: :school_satchel:

With 4 videos per month (one per week), the videos will feed the CUDO DAO video platform and will be available on our Mintbase , Instagram and YouTube .

The author must submit a short text for each video (approximately one minute). This text can be a chronicle, a thought, a memory, etc … The only challenge is that this text begins with “Something tells me”.
The same text must be submitted in Portuguese and translated into English.


Texts for 4 videos: 6N
Translations for 4 videos: 3N
To answer this open call, please reply to this thread expressing your interest and information about your relevant skills.

Any questions please feel free to contact us via our Telegram.


Hello there! I am Marina Schneider, brazilian screenwriter and documentary director based in Lisbon. Your project seems very poetic and interesting and I would love to be part of it!
I have a dense bagage in writing for Cinema, publicity, TV, Youtube, webseries and theater. As a freelancer, I have worked with multiples producers around the world and managed to write my fist feature film script, “Eguncio”, which won the Best Script Award in GUIÕES - Festival de Roteiro de Língua Portuguesa in the last year. I also have been the screenwriter of short-films like “Me voy” (directed by Magda Casellas and distributed by Moira Pictures) and “Reciclarte”, a documentary produced by ASTA - Teatro e Outras Artes and directed by me!
Besides that, I have published my first book, “Teimosia e memória” in 2021 and I believe writing is a powerful, poetic and political act. Your proposal seems very unique and I would be glad to be part of your team.
If you are interested, I can send you some writing samples by e-mail/drive! :slight_smile:
Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,


Here i am trying again :heart:

I’m a BR transmedia visual artist and sometimes I write concrete poetry. I’m also an former academic in social communication and technique in broadcasting and voiceover. I spent years being a professional copywriter and proofreader and I can translate too. You can see some of my productions video/audio/image/texts on my Instagram, Twitter, Mintbase… All about me in the link L | Linktree.

Please consider my apply to the project. In my mind I have a very graphic vision with text collages over videos of the island where I live in Bahia and the counterpoint of living in this gorgeous nature verse while I dedicate myself to working in the metaverse.


Luciana Colvara Bachilli has a degree in communication and is a social media specialist, broadcaster and commercial speaker since 1996. Luluca L was a non-binary dissident, contemporary, independent performer and visual artist between 2015/2020 and died to value their works. In the pandemic, they was reborn as L, post invisible amateur persona, and operates exclusively in the web3/nft/cryptoart/metaverse ecosystem. Minter at Mintbase, partner of Gambiarra, Ina, Voice of The Oceans, PROCD and Nomade Label stores/DAOs. Bounty Hunter on the Near forum. Also present in Tezos at Teia and 8bidou.



Hello Marina, it will be a pleasure to have you participating in our project this month, thank you for your interest. Let’s talk more on Telegram :wink:

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Hi Luluca, thanks for your interest in our project, this month we will have Marina’s texts, but next month we will open the reward again. Thank you :blush:

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