[Proposal] NEAR NFT Collector Funds

Problem Statement

NEAR NFT Club has been working with our NFT communities since July-21. During this period of time we have identified that

  • The NFT community needs some promising collector accounts where they can approach and have a possibility to get their NFTs collected.

Proposed Solution

Till date we have been collecting the NFTs of few artists who have filled the form to feature their work from our channels. And now our Club has decided to contribute as a collector, where we purchase the NFTs of the Artists based on few parameters like

  1. Featuring in our Beyond the NFTs posts
  2. Featuring in our NFT Features posts
  3. NFT Points Calculator

For the Third section related to NFT Points, the proposed structure will be

  • Write Blog Post about your current NFT work : 5 Points
  • Create a video explaining the motivation behind your NFT: 5 Point
  • Create a timelapse video of creating the NFT: 5 Point
  • Share your NFT work on Twitter account with detailed description : 2 Points
  • Participate in auction house event and share your work: 3 Point Each

After scoring 20 Points, the minter can request us to collect their NFT. After verifying the points the club may purchase the NFT within a period of 15 Days based on the budget of the club.

What we will do with NFTs after Collecting?

  • Giveaway and
  • Share those NFTs to NEAR community when their is a need of NFT Giveaway for any event.

Example Post of Giveaway we have done with Banan_ago [Twitter handle id]

Due to this activity the Artists accounts will get more visibility on social media handles [right now for Twitter]

Which segment of NFTs we will be collecting?

  • Digital Art
  • Music
  • Misc ( NFTs minted for the purpose of charity, social cause and trending work)

How much Funds we need?

  • We are expecting $400 for each segment of NFTs we will be collecting over a period of month from the Marketing Team @JMaenen
  • Total $400 X 3 = $1200/pm converted into NEAR in advance.

Note: In case the funds are not utilized completely, the remaining amount will be adjusted for the next month budget.


Hi All!
We are holding this proposal for some time.
The reason is we need some more time to structure this proposal transparent for our audience which are not justified by the below mentioned two reasons.

  1. Purchasing Power: Right now as a guild, the purchasing power was going to only a single person (Guild Leader) holding the account. Which needs to be revised more into the DAO structure.

  2. The NFT Point System: Here, We have proposed the rules based on our perspective. Which we guess needs to be understood more from our audience (NFT Collector and Artists) perspective. So, we need time to analyze those things in more detail.

In case, any DAO, Guild or NEAR Team member would like to discuss and give some inputs to make this proposal better. Please reach out to @naveenkandwal on telegram.

We are holding this proposal right now, but we will continue to support the NEW migrated artists by purchasing their NFTs. :slight_smile: