NEAR Nft Club Guild Monthly [September] Report

Here is the Monthly report for September month categorized into 7 sections

    1. Design and Development
    1. R&D
    1. Connections
    1. Social Media Activities
    1. Our NFT Store
    1. Next Month Roadmap


  • Twitter Tweets: 107
  • Instagram Posts : 18 Posts (X2) | 258 Stories | 8 Reels
  • Website: Still Working on the Website [] for new updates and upgraded the server for using WordPress features related to analytics.
  • New social media accounts we have started: Getrevue, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and Facebook

2. R&D

  • Based on the Artist Feedbacks, we have Identified these things
    -NFT Artists appreciate the NEAR NFT Communities for being helpful and supportive.
    -Copyright issues with NFTs can occur in the future like other blockchains are facing right now.
    -Artists are finding it difficult to manage time for connections on social media accounts.
  • Migrating NEW people [Not much aware of NFTs] to the NFT ecosystem is difficult. We have received 13 submissions for the month of September out of which only 5 were new to NFTs and after lots of chats and connections we were finally able to mint one Music NFT of Moshino King
  • Working on upscaling the Instagram activities to connect with NFT communities
    -Proposed Blog Post: Link
  • We need more NFT Collectors in the ecosystem. We have proposed to become one with some advance funds Proposed Blog Post

3. Connections

  • Collaboration with @AtharvaITSMYNE [ITSMYNE Guild] for cross-promotional activities.
  • Working with @sainthiago [Legal Guild] for assisting Artists about the legal rights they have with their NFTs
  • Weekly connections with NEAR Marketplaces and Communities for running NEAR NFT WEEK
  • Working with Altcoin Radio for an event to be organized in Decentrland soon in October.
  • Connected with NEAR India NFT community enthusiasts from the workshop we have conducted with @jiten123321 [NEAR India] on 26th September.
  • Connected with Yana for a Giveaway of an NFT to increase our presence in the NFT ecosystem
  • Attended NEAR INDIA community call to share our work and Ideas. Received some good initiatives that we can start in the upcoming months.

4. Social Media Actiities

  • Twitter Account Report: 50% increased followers this month with the Profile visitors number increased to 41% showing our presence is getting better with time.

  • Instagram Account Report: +100% increased followers
    Accounts Reached: 5,534 | 18 Posts | 258 Stories | 8 Reels | 202 Followers
    Compare to previous month, we have achieved
    +629% more content interaction
    +100% more followers

  • Medium Blog Report: +100 increased followers
    Blogs Posted: 2 | 22 Views (-50%) | 10 Followers

  • Telegram Group Report: +64% increased Members
    230 Members [90 New Joining in September]

  • Telegram Channel Report: +638% increased Subscribers
    155 Subscribers [134 New Joining]

Issue 1 : September 6- September 12
Issue 2 : September 13 - Septmber 19
Issue 3 : September 20 - Septmber 26

6. Our NFT Store

  • Collected NFTs
    [ We have collected most of the NFTs we have featured from our channels ]


  2. Cat Helper - Mintbase
  3. Distant Planet Landscape - Mintbase
  5. [We are the First Collector of the Artist]
  6. Panthera pardus - Mintbase
  7. Zushi Girl 001 - Mintbase [We are the First Collector of the Artist]


  7. Klein Testarossa #3 — Paras

7. NEXT Month Roadmap

  • Scale up the Instagram account activities. Increase the visibility of our #NEARnft tag.
  • Arrange two Online NFT workshops in different locations in their native languages.
  • Continue NEAR NFT WEEK from social media handles and adding it to our website.
  • Setting up the discord Channel with the help of @JacobMeyer.
  • Cover more NFT Artists in the “beyond the NFTs” section.
  • Complete the website updates for better SEO analytics.
  • Connect with new NFT Communities and offer them mintbase store [Max: 2] for October
  • Arrange one Metaverse event on Decentraland.
  • Make connections with other NFT communities and Artists on NEAR

Sharing here new form links to connect and share your thoughts with us

  1. NFT Survey Form: Link
  2. Video Feature Form: Link
  3. Twitter Retweet Form: Link
  4. Guest Bloggin Form: Link



What a great month! Excited for October :slight_smile:

September was good no doubt, October will be better, LFG!