[Closed] NEAR Instagram Accounts [ near.updates and nearprotocol_news ] + NFT activities

Hi Guys!

I am Naveen, Guild Leader of NEAR NFT Club. During our course of getting new NFT artists to NEAR NFTs, our team has identified Instagram as a potential social media for migrating new Digital Artists from different demographic locations.

After working on Instagram for the last two months, my team has identified that we need to promote NEAR-related activities on it with some potential tags

  • #NEARProtocol
  • #NEARnews
  • #NEARcoin
  • #NEARtrading
  • #NEARnft

which can be used when we need to broadcast our activities to a larger audience from any IG accounts.

To make this happen, a team of 4 new people is needed right now who will work to promote our activities by helping us to elevate our two community channels [@near.updates and @nearprotocol_news] proposing to do 90 posts in a month from each account plus running extra accounts where they will have the responsibility to

  • Cross-promote NEAR activities from stories and reels
  • Increase the visibility of proposed tags
  • Make communication with Influencers or Digital Artists communities
  • Conduct NFT workshops in their native language [This will help our NFT community to grow]
  • Overall 20+ hours / Weekly engagement

Why 90 Posts?

  • The team will target to do 3 Posts/Day which gives better account visibility in IG.

Requested Funds

I have submitted a similar request earlier more elevated towards the NFTs and IG Clients where the proposed amount was $2500/pm for each member. Previous Post
Which I feel can be proposed later if the KPI and visibility on Instagram from this initiative get better and more time is going to be needed from the members.

Requested Budget
Right now, I am proposing $1500/pm for each member.
Total $1500 X 4 = $6000/pm for the team.
@JMaenen, please have a look.

Note: For myself and my existing team to monitor this initiative, I will cover the funds from my Guild budget.

For suggestions, please comment your thoughts if any.


Who knows official and real instagram Id of NEAR? Let me know please
Thank u

I support this 100%. As an NFT artist, I believe NEAR needs a much bigger presence on Instagram, as well as Facebook & Tik Tok. The majority of content related to NEAR is primarily on Twitter. There is also a small presence on Reddit and we have wonderful amount of write ups on medium; however, as we move towards mass adoption over the next few years there needs to be more attention paid to some of these other social media platforms that have tons of users that can have the potential of joining and utilizing our ecosystem which is our main goal. This would be a great way to lead us in that direction, especially as we move towards more innovative ways of creating NFTs.


I appreciate this effort. As instagram emerges one of the best medium for digital marketing, growing the Near community on the instagram will make the success of Near Protocol even bigger. An average person spends almost 28 minutes on using instagram and people in my locality or in my state use instagram over Twitter.

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Can you increase the number of people who can join, create a community of Near and NFT lovers on Instagram!

Yes, this would be one of the best use cases to bring NFT enthusiasts to the NEAR ecosystem.
And I appreciate the efforts you are putting into this initiative by minting an NFT for the @NearNft Instagram account GIVEAWAY coming soon in October, I believe together we will get more NFT enthusiasts audience for our channel and ecosystem.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


do you still need people for it?

About Near trading please contact the Merchants Guild @Merchants_NEAR

I also have some good trading accounts at hand that you could use sending me what ever you want to post or instructions:




let me know if I can help

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

I have not initiated it yet. Right now got busy with unavoidable work. I will be more active on this after 16th November. Please be in touch.

Your two accounts have a good reach among the region.
Please dm your tecnologiafinanciera and mineria.virtual accounts statistics and analytics.

sure! keep in touch :sunglasses: