[Proposal] NEAR India Guild DAO:August 2021

I’m planning to execute 2 events this month

  1. One event with the employees of Wipro tech(Bhubaneswar) where I will teach them about NEAR and I will invite them to use NEAR and at the end of the event I will help them to create their NEAR id. I’m Expecting 30+ attendees for this event.

  2. The second event will be with a local college students where I’m planning to teach them the use case of NEAR and I also teach them to create their NEAR id. I’m expecting 50+ attendees at the event.

During these events, I will distribute some NEAR tokens to their newly created NEAR id so can they able to take part in the NEAR ecosystem.

I’m expecting 500 NEAR for these events where I will distribute 100-150 tokens to the audience.

  1. I’m also planning to write two articles over Hackernoon and Coingeek where I’m expecting 5k+ reads. I’m expecting 200 NEAR tokens to carry out this job.

You can check my last month’s report by visiting this thread-click here


Hello Team,

Sanket this side, I will work on short videos and translation like in previous months. For this month I will make 15 short and insightful videos for Twitter. Each video will reach to maximum audience. From my point of view, each video will get 500+ impressions, 100+ Media view. Total engagement will be 50+. For this, I need 300 NEAR.

I will also work on a translation for a blog posts from NEAR protocol global and other guild blogs. I will do 10 Translations this month, which needed 200 NEAR.

Total Budget = 500 NEAR


Apart from creating NEAR wallets, can we engage with them in some other capacity? Get them involved in contributing to the guild in a longer term? Would love to dive deeper into the end goal here.

What do we expect them to do with these tokens? Usually, on the creatives side, we’ve done this with the expectation that they would try minting an art work etc. I’d love to see some more details as to what the plan is for that.

What are the topics of these articles? Would be great to focus on some new launch, perhaps like Aurora or the hackathon series. Are there any other CTAs in the article like joining the guild or contributing in any capacity? If yes, can we measure them with bitly or some other platform?

I would also love to know what the overall goals are for the NEAR India guild, and how all of this contributes towards that. This perhaps requires a discussion with the team members but I’d encourage you to get that started soon.

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What topics are these videos on? Are you doing this in sync with @Aakash297 who is currently leading the social media efforts? How do these videos play into the overall social media strategy for twitter? Have we found a significant increase in Twitter engagement or audience building with these videos? Would love to get more clarity on this.

What articles are being translated? Why those articles? What’s the outreach strategy for the translated content?

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Hey @shreyas !
As I’m planning to introduce my attendees of both events to some NEAR ecosystem tools like Paras, Mintbase, etc., they must need a NEAR wallet, and some token in it will be very useful. Yes, during the event, I will invite them to join Guild. Still, if they become familiar with NEAR, we can see more interest from people to join Guild, so the reason behind the free token distribution is to give them the free key to test and explore the ecosystem.

The topic that I want to cover with my articles is ‘Defi ecosystem in NEAR’ and ‘DAOs on NEAR’, but yes bottom of the article, we can give a short description of NEAR where we can provide an invitation to Guild or NEAR and can track that using bitly or other tools.

The overall goal of the NEAR India Guild is to promote NEAR through education and to build the NEAR India community. We are now moving toward more initiatives(Will disclose soon) apart from content creation and social media marketing.

Hello Team,

This is Kuen. I’m glad to be a part of NEAR INDIA guild since its inception. In the past couple of months we have contributed to the near ecosystem by delivering awesome content, doing technical workshops and a lot more. With the goal of spreading the word of NEAR in India, we are moving a step forward each day. Perhaps, with the growing guild and a lot of talented people along, we can push harder.

As per my previous month proposal, I mentioned about adding something new, NEAR hub, Now it is the time to make this popular. With all the motivation and help that I get from my guild members, I would like to share with you my proposal for this month of August.


Videos : Will make 15 videos on all updated topics, educating community/users about NEAR Ecosystem.

Impact: Will get 2700 minimum impressions

Visuals: Will share 15 to 20 visuals on all updated topics, educating community/users about NEAR Ecosystem.

Impact: Will get 2700 minimum impressions

Meme’s : Will share 10 to 15 memes to add some fun and create curiosity.

Impact: 1300 impressions.

Note: The stats for twitter are calculated on the basis of minimum impact, though it should get higher impact.


Videos: Will make 15 videos on all updated topics, educating community/users about NEAR Ecosystem.

Visuals: Will share 15 to 20 visuals on all updated topics, educating community/users about NEAR Ecosystem.

Meme’s : Will share 10 to 15 memes to add some fun and create curiosity.


NEAR HUB: two biweekly community newsletter.

Two medium articles on any new updates happening around at that time.

Impact: 150 claps each

NEAR Twitter Gif : I will create 5 Gifs, which will be used with tweets.

New sticker pack: I will create a new sticker pack of memes, to add some fun on telegram :wink:

For the above proposal , I would request the team to allocate me 1300 NEAR Tokens.

I have always made impactful content and would continue to deliver the same. I have a couple of new ideas too, which I will work in between and maybe share them in my next proposal. Glad to be a part. Thanks for the trust :slight_smile:

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Greetings, before discussing any business I would like to say I am honored to be a part of this guild started by Jitendra. I have always been delivering to the best of my capability and will continue to do so and help the guild reach new heights with my efforts and dedication.

I am happy to announce that the past month’s proposal was a huge success because of my team’s digital marketing experience and the strategies applied we have successfully more than doubled NEAR India’s social media analytics overall, and our high-quality content has been immensely loved by the audience. For the month of August my team would like to achieve the following things for NEAR India:

Digital Marketing:

  • For Instagram:

Target an increase in account reach by 70%-95%

Target an increase in content interactions by 90%-120%

Grow Instagram by 100-120 followers

  • For Twitter:

Aim to increase the overall account impressions by 80%

Aim for 3-4% ER

Target an increase in profile visits by 60%

Grow Twitter followers by 80-90 followers

  • Managing all content interactions
  • Market Study
  • Trending Strategy Formation
  • Content management from other content creators
  • Hashtag curation, chat support, Retweeting, Posting, content distribution
  • Competitor Analysis

Content Creation:

All the content would be created around the latest news in the ecosystem, basics about NEAR to educate the new audience

For Instagram and Facebook:

30-35 highly engaging graphics (avg. 1 post daily)

10 highly quality videos

10-20 memes

For Twitter:

30-35 highly engaging graphics (avg. 1 post daily)

10 highly quality videos

10-20 memes


4 medium articles (+4)*

  • 4 last month’s articles would be covered this month

Apart from this my team would also be working around planning and strategizing how to get in touch with other NEAR pages, create an image for NEAR India in the ecosystem and be overall effective in the growth of NEAR Protocol.

Here is a link to my last month’s performance metrics: [Proposal] NEAR India Guild DAO:June 2021 (Accepted) - #23 by Aakash297

I have arrived at the following impressions and engagement metrics based on my output capacity and past works. Though the numbers are just an estimate, we are optimistic that the actual performance would be more than aimed for.

Please feel free to check out the channels which I have been managing
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/near_india/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEARProtocol_IN

Our goal is to make MEMES covering all the essential updates in the near ecosystem and not any one topic in specific as we believe memes are a great content source to resonate with the audience.

The requested budget serves 2 people in total. I look after Digital Marketing and guild content team management and my partner looks after content creation and copywriting.

To execute this proposal I would like to request the team for 1500 NEAR Tokens.

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These videos will be on the NEAR ecosystem. I will make videos when any new partnership will be there or videos on blogs that another guild has posted. After Making videos, i send them to Aakash for posting on Twitter.

Articles on NEAR Global Blog post and other blogs which are necessary to be on spread across everywhere. The idea behind the translation is that Indians should read and get to know in there laymen language.

Hello Team Near,
let us introduce ourselves first, I am crypto influencers from india,We started
webmasteremind YouTube channel in 2017 when there were many ICOs and fake crypto
projects scaming crypto investors.in past few year we educate people,provide them quality
information about projects and all crypto news and updates.Now are going to hit 50k subscriber
on our youtube channel.
Webmasteremind team is active on all major social media platform and we made very strong
community there.

In year 2021 we started our crypto news website
www.cryptopunkh.com for all crypto news and updates.
In a very short period we worked for many big crypto brands.

We are associated with Near Protocol since 6 months and now want to do something big for this
project through our platform.

1.We will update minimum Two video on YouTube in month with expected reach 20k
2.Two meme every week on twitter with 10k reach every week.
3.One artical every week on website with 5 to 6k reach.
4. Instagram posts twice in a week with 2k reach.

Youtube - We have more then 42.7K subscribers, we are planning to post 2 video on YouTube in
month about Near Protocol.Expected reach 4k-5k+ view per video.
Cost - 500 NEAR

Website blog - cryptopunkhcom with a vast vision.Vision to provide all different kind of crypto
and blockchain information through our platform. We are using both the language, Hindi/English
for our Indian crypto community and global community also.
We will publish one article in a week about Near Protocol and it’s new update so that community
know about the project and its development.We expect 5k to 6k readers per article
Cost - 400 NEAR

Twitter- we are very strong Indian community on Twitter, we have more then 10k+ followers,
We can post many tweets about near project, new update and MEME too.
Expected impressions- 4-5k+ per tweet.
Cost - 300 NEAR

Telegram- we have 6.5k followers on telegram channel and 9k+ followers on telegram group, we
will update all video,news,tweet and other information about near project.
Cost- 300 NEAR

Instagram - we have 4k followers on instagram channel,We can post insta post and reels about
near project, new update and MEME too.
Cost - 300 NEAR

Facebook - we have 7k followers on facebook channel,We can post post about near project, &
new update also.
Cost - 100 NEAR

We are planning to post all Near Protocol updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social
media platform where we are active.
We are very much sure that we will build strong Near Protocol community in India by providing
them quality information about our project.
For this efforts we are ready with our enthusiastic team with a vision .
For all above monthly activity we proposed
1900 NEAR budget .

YouTube - www.youtube.com/webmastermind
Wishing for long term partnership.
Webmasteremind (Anshu Sharma)

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Hi @jiten123321 @sanket @kuenshahi @Aakash297 @anshucity -

Great to see so much activity coming out of the NEAR India Guild!
In order for other community members to follow along, please edit your respective posts here to include the following:

  • the handles/links to the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. accounts you’re referencing if you haven’t already
  • references as to how you’ve arrived at the anticipated impression and engagement metrics - if this is based on historic trend or is in line with what happened in previous months is there a report that can be referenced here so we can gauge what the baseline is for these different channels?
  • if memes are involved, please describe which events or topics you’re looking to highlight
  • if you are working with a team and how many individuals will be covered by your requested budgets

I must also admit to some confusion about how much funding total is being requested on behalf of the whole Guild - is it 5,700 N? Or others expected to post their respective activities and requested budget as well, increasing this number?

Echoing my colleague @shreyas here: there seems to be a solid group of contributors here accomplishing individual sets of key tasks, but what are the over-arching goals for this Guild? What are you looking to achieve (ex. # of attendees at events, # of new Guild members, # of articles published, etc.) as a collective? Looking forward to learning more about these new initiatives @jiten123321 and for reference about what we mean by goals and metrics, please see this thread: (PROPOSAL) Announcing the launch of the NEARWEEK News Guild - #3 by JPALHUMAIDAN

Also tagging in the new Marketing DAO Council to give their feedback as these are all marketing efforts and activities, and as such will actually be funded by them instead of the CommunitySquad DAO as of this month: @jcatnear @norah.near @David_NEAR @cryptocredit


Hi Near Team,
Here we Cryptonewshindi are presenting our planning for Near Protocol promotion in the month of August 2021 through our platform.

www.cryptonewshindi.com is the only crypto media platform in national language of India which is hindi so we have very good reach in Indian crypto community. We will publish one article in a week about Near Protocol and it’s new update so that community know about the project and its development.We expect 3k to 5k readers per article.
Cost - 600 NEAR

YouTube- on YouTube we have more then 7.3k subscribers so we are planning to post one video every week about Near Protocol and its use cases for developers and common people. Expected reach 1,000 view per video.

Cost - 600 NEAR

Twitter- we are very strong community on Twitter where we have more then 8.4k followers and growing very fast. We can post many tweets there about project, new update and MEME too.
Expected impressions- 5k+ per tweet.
Cost 300 NEAR

Telegram- we have 1.4k followers on telegram group where we will update all video,news,tweet and other information about project.
Cost- 200 NEAR

If project need any kind of hindi translation then we can assure, we are best and most fastest translation under time limits.

We are ready to take off our planning as soon as possible after your approval.
Looking forward

Hey @mecsbecs
As this is a regional Guild, we have many collective goals, but for Q3 and Q4, our first goal is to grow our Twitter members from 420-1500, and if you check last month’s Twitter analytics, you can find this claim is so realistic. 71c08033bf3e30f23f2451bd08e938708d7f5242_2_690x99 4ceaf2f57c51b10922ea9ef05f8499d77d7c8806_2_690x236 bde20d1827b9f074bd3dbdbb086cef50a52b7692_2_690x238

The second goal for Q3 and Q4 is to grow our Telegram from 329-1000 members, and you can check our Telegram analytics below.

The third goal is to educate 500 students/people about NEAR and its ecosystem use cases through virtual events like webinars where we invite people to join Guild or community.

Last but not least, we want to reach massive numbers of Indian audiences through content, which can be easily solved if we have exiting Indian channels for content distribution. To achieve that, we are using the regional community channels of @anshucity @Cryptonewshindi (You can check their comment thread for their channel details) where they are also helping content creation and distribution.

-The new initiative about which I’m talking is we will start a series of podcat on NEAR India YouTube channel. We are planning to invite NEAR developers, Guild leaders, NEAR Ecosystem partners, Influential people of the Indian crypto ecosystem, etc. And for this initiative @yf-figment is helping me. And the second is NEAR India Guild going to launch the NEAR India Ambassador program in collaboration with the Open Web Sandbox team.

-NEAR India guild requesting a total of 7100 NEAR for this month

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NEAR India’s monthly budget DAO request is created and you can click here to check.

Hey guys,

Awesome to see the enthusiasm flowing out of the NEAR India Guild :tada:

In light of the creation of the Marketing DAO Vertical, and the nature of the funding request, we’ll be moving this post over there

This, and future proposals of this nature, will be reviewed under the Marketing DAO Vertical

We’ll (Marketing DAO and everyone else who’d like to chime in), will reach out within the week to comment on the full proposal