[PROPOSAL] Near Argentina Guild Regional Hub Kickstart 2022

Hello everyone and dear NEARians! How is your day going? I hope its very well
This is a proposal to present our contribution to the LATAM Regional Hub.

We will refer you to the initial post made by @claudioac in which we started to take part in this initiative:

We are really glad to be able to work alongside Claudio and Near Hispano in this project, we are happy to be considered a community that can bring value to the whole region and we will work really hard to get to it!

Without further ado we will present who we are, what we brought up until now, and what are we expecting to bring to the table:

I bring this report if anyone wants to take a look our advance until 20/3/2020, but for the summarized version:


  • @nacho.near Creator and Lead of the Argentina Guild and supervisor of every ops around it.
  • @leamanza Co-Creator and Lead of the Argentina Guild, Dev Lead in the entire guild and Dapps manager and supervisor.
  • @DarioFS Near Certified Instructor, our first Argentinian Instructor on the guild who will take point in the early bootcamps and certifications to be deployed in Argentina.
  • @Turco Twitter and CM in the entire Argentina Guild, mod in Telegram as well. Marketing advisor for the Argentina Guild.

Bright promises into the Argentinian Community

  • @mariozito Developer and Entrepreneur with more than 20 years into project and product management and software architecture. A huge addition to bring value and guidance to many projects and Dapps to come.
  • @matigo Future NCP to bring blockchain into universities in Mendoza, a big addition into our Academics pillar to guide future teachers and prepare the onboarding for them.
  • @chicharra.near Active supporter and big help into the Near Community and the Argentinian Guild as well, pending to work by my side for an initiative to get new investors and enterprises into the Near Ecosystem.

Dapps and initiatives to come

These are all extracts taken from the post we made regarding the March report, the one mentioned above. Just some short quotes to give an idea of what we have in development at the moment!

That would be the short version of who we are and what we are doing right now, regarding what we want to bring to the table for the LATAM Regional Hub:

The 300

The project we presented for the LATAM Regional Hub was the 300, it is aimed to be a project to onboard 300 Near Certified Members into the ecosystem. But we decided that it can be more than that.

You can refer to the original post in my profile, but I won’t add it here since it will be completely different. What we will bring with the 300 right now, as an added value proposal is:


We expect to bring 25 Meetups for the first half of our project, we are aiming at 2 Meetups in April, 3 in May, and with this experience we should have the ground ready to be able to launch 5 Meetups for the next months to come. We are thinking to gather around 20 to 30 per Meetup as a shy number, but would like to gather 40 to 50 approximately for future editions if possible.

That is a number we expect to accomplish with the hopes of even getting more meetups per month!

Will expand the Meetup initiative to the whole Argentina Region and will update on the cities later. Until now we have decided two cities in Argentina for the first two Meetups which will be Buenos Aires (Bahia Blanca and Tandil) and Córdoba (Cordoba Capital), and expect to coordinate efforts with Mendoza and Neuquén in the next months to come.


For the first month of the project we are not going to deliver any bootcamp since our Instructor Dario is still getting ready to start and is receiving onboarding from Near Education, but we expect to arrange at least one, asking Near Hispano for Instructors and we are already bringing students since March into the certifications.

May would be the month to start with our own NCA certifications and will bring two of them by that month, the following months will be:

  • June: 3 NCA, 1 NCD, 1 NCP.
  • July: 4 NCA, 1 NCD, 1 NCP.
  • August: 4 NCA, 2 NCD, 2 NCP.
  • September 4 NCA, 1 NCD, 1 NCP.

Certified Analysts, Developers and Professors

Regarding students we expect the same, to get a kickstart in March and April by ourselves by referring students to certifications, and then certifying our own starting May.
Here is the tally of students we expect to get certified every month:

  • April: 0
  • May: 40 NCA
  • June: 60 NCA - 20 NCD - 5 NCP
  • July: 80 NCA - 20 NCD - 5 NCP
  • August: 80 NCA - 40 NCD - 10 NCP
  • September: 80 NCA - 20 NCD - 5 NCP

Universities in the Ambassador Program

We expect to get in contact with universities and colleges in order to bring more students into the Near Certifications and organize Meetups to aid the end goal of certified students in the upcoming months. We are expecting to get in touch with more than 20 universities, which by the time we have already made contact with 3 in CĂłrdoba and we have direct contact with many of them in Buenos Aires, that number is TBD.

To conclude

First and foremost we are really excited to be able to take part in such an important project as the Regional Hub, we will be dedicating all of our efforts into one of our main goals as a guild, which aligns with the end goal of this project, which is to educate many people as we can along the way and help anyone that wants to learn about this incredible ecosystem.

We will be updating this document or adding new information if anything needs to be clarified and will report on a monthly basis of our progress as a guild and as the Argentina Region.

Thank you very much Near Hispano for trusting us with this mission!
Will wait for feedback in the upcoming days.
Thanks everyone in the Argentinian Community as well, this wouldn’t be possible without everyone of you out there.
Will be seeing you Nearly! :heart:


Amazing job Nacho and the rest of the team.
What a bright future for our community!!


As an Argentine, I feel really proud of the work you’ve done. The potential of this proposal is huge and I’m sure that it will be fully realized!


Thanks Ruben for the kind words! Hope to create results that are worthy for the guild :muscle::muscle:


Nice Job @nacho.near #BUILD !