Kickstarting the LATAM Regional Hub

We are really excited to start working on delivering the largest education project in the LATAM region, through the LATAM (Latin America) Regional Hub.

We will be revealing the project and the roadmap for 2022 in Q2, a lot of exciting things will be happening on the region.

The Regional Hub will cover four countries:

  1. Argentina

  2. Colombia

  3. Mexico

  4. Venezuela

The LATAM Regional Hub will run on a DAO, which will go live when the announcement is done and we can showcase the first initiatives. We will be leveraging the playbook created by the NEAR Hispano Guild, focusing on educating the next generation of builders and creators from Latin America.

Thank you very much to all the Grants, Education and Community teams from the NEAR Foundation that have supported us through this process.

More to come!


Just a quick update on this post.

The regional hub is not moving forward and we will focus on supporting NEAR Digital Collective initiatives that are aligned to support Spanish speaking regions.

Educational efforts will be channeled through Learn NEAR Club.

We reached our goal of having led the initiative for growth in LATAM, which is being now distributed to several communities:

  • Aurora LATAM

We will also be supporting multi-chain projects to onboard developers to the BOS initiative, such as:

Thanks for all the support and wish everyone the best of luck.

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