[Approved] MAY 2022 Argentina Guild Marketing Budget

Hello dear NEARians! We have some news and updates! Together with a budget proposal to aid the development in the Argentina Region.
We are growing and fast! And we are looking for further steps down the road, this is why we have here a new proposal for May, June and July (or rather June, July and August).

I will refer the last two most important posts with our development and highlight some comments on our growth to summarize:

This is the last budget with our goals in Twitter, Telegram and Academics

And this is our last month’s report

February development and April Highlights (First Quote February, second April, and comments on our current development in May)


Our metrics for May in Telegram are 412 members as of this moment and we expect to keep growing with the integration of new students from universities (more on that later)


Well, this one is repeated since when written in April we included both metrics in our report. By now we have 1295 followers on twitter and we are aiming most of our content to education, from the basics in a big thread regarding simple terms and explanation on topics to Twitter spaces with TA talks and inviting our followers to Near Certifications.
Thanks again @Turco for the hard work everyday in Twitter and in our community as well.


Official documentation came through and we have 21 certified members currently (and still missing the whole April and May reports from Near Hispano).
We are expecting to grow our Academics area even further, there were some complications with the Regional hubs and it will surely be detailed in future posts. This is the reason why we didn’t come through with the contact in academics but we changed all of our efforts to virtual meetups and networking with huge actors in the influencer scene. We expect to resume our contact with different institutes in the near future.

More on May

Other initiatives or advances we had on May which are worth noting are related to the Educational Area, and with this objectives completed on the last three months we will profile our main mission to be regarding the Educational area (as everyone might have foreseen).

  • We expanded our Council in our DAO to 4 members! Alongside with @leamanza we would like to welcome @Turco and @chicharra.near into our DAO ! Thanks for the efforts guys :blush:

  • We fully launched Discord and @Msr.WORWEY is in control over that area, we are planning to make discord our main hub regarding to educational info and links of more thorough investigations and discovery for our new members.

  • We launched “Near Sabados” (Near Saturdays) two saturdays monthly in which we will make contact with high profile influencers or at least trying to get a bigger audience in which to show what Near Argentina is about and to take on different educational areas. @Turco will also be in charge of this area since it will be hosted on Twitter via spaces. We started our Saturdays with Fibobeta speaking about Technical Analysis and the current market situation, and gathered a concurrent audience of 125 on average, and 1400 on total:

  • Started building our Medium audience with different posts related to Near and crypto in general with @matigo and expect to get 8 professional written pieces monthly starting on June.

  • NFT initiative regarding education: We are thinking to launch an NFT initiative in which different users will be able to buy functional NFTs to provide them an exclusive channel on our Discord which will unlock certain features (to be disclosed when its fully functional) we don’t want to spoil anything just yet!
    But they have to do with one on one education and tips regarding other NFT projects and important alpha curated and researched within the Near Ecosystem. More to be developed later on

  • We have our Academics on hold, until we have the resolution on Regional Hubs, but we made contact with universities in Cordoba, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Jujuy and Rio Negro. Cordoba and Mendoza are ready to start with their own programs that will link their students to the Near Certifications. We are waiting for that resolution, or else we will look into another project to be talked directly with the Near Foundation to develop The 300 project further on.

Closing thoughts and funding proposal

With this in mind, we wanted to move further on with the development of academics and our community in Argentina, we are proposing another three month schedule since we committed and completed our objectives and want to propose new ones if the development of our Region is fit for what Near and the Near Foundation needs.

We would also love to know what would be in the best interest of Near and the Near Foundation in order to align our goals with you! We know education is a huge pillar which you are interested in supporting but would you like us to look into someplace else? Maybe getting more devs, or perhaps presenting more grants and projects into mainnet?

Of course there is so much that can be made with just a marketing funding, but we would work hard to see if we can target other areas of interest.

For now in our end we are proposing the continuous development of Twitter, aiming to 2000 to 2500 followers and profiling our Twitter account as one of the heaviest first hand information accounts in Argentina regarding Near and crypto in general, always focusing on education.
We will also keep hosting regular meetups and spaces and managing Near Sabados to get a bigger audience.
For an aproximate of 4 twitter spaces (Monthly), and the modding in general, we are requiring 500usd monthly (50usd per space, and 300 for Turco’s management of a bigger twitter account)

We are proposing to merge the academics efforts for now digitally and get it running on our Telegram as a 1 on 1 live support for any inquiry regarding certifications and onboarding our community into the Near Certifications, together with Discord as well. For the overall management of the community in Telegram and a variety of calls in Discord and AMA’s in Telegram we are requiring 500usd monthly. This will go together with the integration of our academics via meetups for the time being, until we create a proper educational project with a bigger funding either with Near Hispano or with the Near Foundation.

In total, 500USD Twitter, 500USD Telegram. 1000USD monthly, for 3 months, 3000USD in total to be delivered in our DAO. argentinaguild.sputnik-dao.near

That would be all! We are hoping to get some feedback and let us know if you wanted to add something to the proposal! There surely are some areas we could cover in our efforts that align with the objectives Near Foundation has as well!
Thanks for the time and thanks as well to our community! This is all possible with you guys, hope we can raise to the task to educate more people everyday :blush:

Special thanks @FritzWorm @Turco @leamanza @matigo @Alecaseg @jeph @JIC1816 @Msr.WORWEY


Delighted to read this report. Argentina Guild is making great strides thanks to the team effort. I will be here when required. keep going! :muscle:t4: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I must say that it makes me a little bit proud that my name appears in this post :blush:. I congratulate the argentinian guild team for all the work they are doing. @nacho.near y @chicharra.near were the best choice to build this community. Keep it up, this is just the beginning.


Thank you for the kind words Ruben! Of course you would be here, you are an active member and keep track of our posts :slight_smile: thanks for being here with us! Lets keep going

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Great report @nacho.near! Glad to see my name in there!
Fantastic job from the Argentina guild!
Let’s keep working together!
Congrats to @chicharra.near and @Turco! Cracks!


Excellent work Nacho, Turco, Chicharra and Leandro and all ! Proud of being part of this community ! Would like to mention regarding education, that we started the Developers in Residence Fellowship (DiR) in May 16 together with Leandro Manzanal (NCD1 & NCD2) and Juan Mescher (NCA & NCD1). It couldn’t have been possible without your continued efforts and good will !


Great post Nacho! Excited for what’s coming.

Congratulations to @chicharra.near and @Turco ! We will continue working to get more certifications, projects and people who get involved in this great community.



Happy to support. Thank you for your incredible work, and have a great day.


Thank you very much Dacha! Have a great day as well :blush: lets keep building :hammer_and_wrench:


Thoughts? @satojandro @Klint @David_NEAR

Great initiative- great stuff. You’ve got my support.
I love the idea of the Saturday sessions.


Thanks for the thorough report and progress! Happy to support this. Moving to approved. You can submit to Astro.


They are turning out great! We had two already as I mentioned before talking about TA with Fibobeta and another one last Sat talking about Risk Management. Thank you for the support @so608 and @Dacha ! Preparing the forms and completing the process right away


@nacho.near I am a big supporter of regional groups and projects. Good to see your work in Argentina

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Thank you very much! Will work towards getting better and being always up to the task :blush: