[proposal] muti dao sticker pack

Hello Muti I am a silent Reader and a Fan of Creatives Here in Near Forum​:heart: i came up This Idea this afternoon about Making a Telegram Sticker Pack of Muti Dao :relaxed::heart:.

I really want to be a part of Every Community seeing my Artworks in thier community used/Using By Everybody.

I was doing my research about Muti And it leads me In Muti.collective in twitter and learn a lot on it . How they support the artist and thier creativity😍.
So here i am Making this proposal to be a part of Muti Community by making a Sticker pack❤️…
My other sample of Sticker pack is on this post attach just for reference But still the Idea of the council once my proposal is approved is what i will Draw :heart_eyes: .

Once my proposal is approved i loved to Hear it from all of You the ideas you have, the concepts and themes for my sticker pack❤️
This time if you Choose a Chibi sticker pack for Muti Dao ill make a Half Body Chibi twitch emotes for It or if not chibi it doesnt matter anything i draw if thats council Likes and request​:heart_eyes:… the size of the sticker that fits on telegram is 512x512 so a half Body chibi or a sticker pack in that size is more good :heart: im Open for suggestion and Ideas. The payout/Price will depends on what the Council and me as an artist agree for.
Hopefully if my proposal will approved​:relaxed::heart:.

Thank You Very Much :relaxed:

This sample is Just For reference only and a sample :relaxed:


So Cute :heart::heart: i love the color palletes and the artpiece :heart_eyes:

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this is really lovely


Thank you :heart_eyes::relaxed:looking forward to it


Hey @Ligaya , thank you very much for the proposal!

muti is always happy to collaborate with new artists and we think this is a very cool idea. Seeing as this is just coming as we submit our January budget, we might be able to fit in a shorter run of 4 or 5 stickers. One thing that all the muti council did agree on though was that maybe the above style does not really fit within the aesthetic/feel of the muti branding… Would it be possible to have something more in line with our muti style? Attaching here some visual references for the muti brand.

Thank you very much and we’re looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:



Yes of course the sample i drop is for sample only and im very much Open For your ideas for me to create for muti stickers . :heart::heart_eyes:


Maybe if you could mockup one example of an idea from the moodboard above, and then we can go from there? Does not have to be a finished piece or anything but just something to get an idea


Okay ill start with it as soon as possible :heart::heart_eyes: then ill send here my sketch. The 2nd photo is my reference for idea right?? Ill figure it how how the sketch go through :relaxed::relaxed:

Ok, great! thank you very much.

Yes, this photo below is the original moodboard for the logo development:

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And the two primary colours we use are purple and orange!

Purple: #312868
Orange: #DF9F27


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Yes ill Study this References so i can make idea for the sketch ill be sending​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Ill update here as soon as possible :relaxed::relaxed:

Got it palletes saved​:heart_eyes: :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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This is just a sample sketch. Im planning to add a universe background and thier dress with Muti color pallets

Hey @Ligaya thanks for the ideas!
So, just a few notes on the feedback above:

Would it be possible to make the actual characters “grandmother” figures?
The reason being is that “muti” is another term for a grandmother in German, the kind of Grandmother that is caring and very interested in all kinds of art, but also a kind of traditional grandma ( she’ll always look at you and tell you to eat more).

Also, maybe it might help to give you some prompts for the stickers that we thought of:

  • love
  • thank you
  • excited
  • muti to the moon
  • questioning

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Got it :heart_eyes: now i understand now what muti is :heart_eyes: . Thank you muti ill try my best here :blush::heart:

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Ill sketch again and send it here after now i know what i will do because of the 5 suggestion you gave. Thank You Muti :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Im so sorry of the late update🙏 i got busy this past few days because of family matters. I hope this is still acceptable…

The first wip is all about Love :heart_eyes:
Muti Loves Art.

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