[PROPOSAL] Additional Telegram Stickers For Graffiti Dao

As we are Focusing and Working to make the Community livelier than Before, as a Kickstart i personally want to Create and Add New Stickers For Graffbase from the First sticker pack i Draw Few months ago.

Here you can See the Proposal way back and will loved to add stickers for that pack Very soon.

There is no changes in The value of stickers like from the last time.
I created 4 Stickers for $80 usd Before and this time i loved to create 10 more stickers for $200.
With a Context of
Good Morning
Council Approved
You nailed it
Lets Collab
Any other Ideas will be figured out soon.


Here are the updates and anytime soon im done and ready to install the stickers.

More UPDATES and Stickers is succesfully Installed now in Telegram​:heart: