[APPROVED] (CLOSED) Filipino Artist Guild Sticker Pack

Hello There, As Filipino Artist is Starting To Launch This February, I would Like To Send a Proposal For The Telegram Sticker Pack For FAG,
I can do A chibi Stickers For With different Ideas and Concept that we needed For Our Guild.

Here are some of the ideas i have in mind,

Done Retweet
Welcome To Filipino Artist Guild
Good Morning

Some to be followed by council Idea
The Sticker Packs Will have a concept of Filipino Cultures/

I am Also Open for Collaboration with Other Artist that same with me has A chibi Style .

Here are some of My previous Work and Ongoing Projects for thier Telegram Stickers :heart::heart_eyes:
I love seeing my works Used by community​:heart::pray:


I am also open for Suggestions Critics And Ideas :heart::heart:


Hi Council, i already Finish Our First Batch Of Telegram Stickers :gift_heart: and i am excited To used it everyday​:relaxed::gift_heart:

Thank You :relaxed::gift_heart: