[PROPOSAL] Music Clinic with Roderick "Chip-Fu" Roachford

Hi Music Community

I’m excited to announce that BeatDAO will have a special guest at the upcoming Music Clinic - Roderick “Chip-Fu” Roachford.

Chip-Fu 1/3 of legendary hip-hop group Fu-Schnickens is a 90’s Multi platinum group from Brooklyn, New York.

Wikipedia - Fu-Schnickens

Fu-Schnickens - True Fuschnick

Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove

Chip-Fu - Emcee Squared!

Chip-Fu - Tear Gas

Chip-Fu will introduce us to some rap techniques and tips, rhyming well. he will share his knowledge and history of hip-hop with members of our community to broaden our word processing skills. It is a great honor to have such an experienced person to connect with the history of hip-hop in the golden era.

this event should have been held last June, due to problems regarding payment, this event has been postponed and is planned to be held this month. I hope this event can be realized well.

Monday, June 25, 2022 at 12 noon

Requested funds: $400

Target: chipfu.near

Roderick “Chip-Fu” Roachford NEAR Wallet


Hi @Wiswiz,

Was the event held? If it already happened could you please confirm the hours also?


This event was not held in June, in June @skthealternator @BigM007 and I had educated ChipFu about his payment as a music teacher with NEAR Wallet and Binance but he didn’t understand, we spent time with other Beat DAO councils it turned out that Binance in the US couldn’t be activated to cash out the payment was from NEAR to Fiat, He tried creating one.
He couldn’t get pass verification stage, we thought hard to find a replacement for Chipfu that same day and the solutions, I spoke to Dr. Franki Raden willing 2 days later.

And the positive thing about Dr. Franki Raden is that he really wants his work to become an NFT Music and he is very passionate about it.

@Paul and I agreed to try another teacher with Chipfu, but if this July he still wants payment by PayPal we will stop him and replace another teacher.

there will be this class on July 22 at the same time


Hi, thank you for that. So do you mind revising your proposal to focus on Music Clinic event only?

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I have revised the date and time in coordination with Chip-Fu

Thanks :pray: