[PROPOSAL] Music Clinic | Live music production workshops | April

Activity Name: Music Clinic

Place: NxM Discord (Voice/Video channel)

Timeline: Third or fourth week of April

Duration: 120 minutes

Teacher in April: Andre Dinuth (Twitter, Instagram)

Andre Dinuth’s experience and competence:
ANDRE.pdf (362.2 KB)

Objectives for April: How to play the guitar, how to read music notes.

As BeatDAO is a music producers DAO, we believe that members should expand their skills in terms of various production techniques, music theory, and more.
With that being said, we are starting with the Music Clinic show, where members will be able to talk, see and learn from advanced and professional producers.

The mission of this activity is to provide value added lessons for our members, which they will be able to use in their workroom.

Interested participants will be able to register via a special form. They’re going to receive two friendly reminders before the show in order to not skip it.

As we are an open community, the workshops are free to everyone and every interested person will be able to join.

Total requested funds for the teacher: $400


This is awesome! Once that is confirmed, will defo share that also in the muti community!