[Report] June 2022 brux4s hub

bruxa4s hub

bruxa4s hub is a group of four Latine/Indigenous interdisciplinary dance artists who have been engaged in collaborative work and knowledge generation since 2015. Members are Paola Escobar (Columbia/California), Damaris Ferrer (Puerto Rico/NY/Miami), Niurca Marquez (Cuba/Miami), and Amber Ortega (Texas).

In June we began the Embodied Writing Sessions, we held two sessions via Zoom. So far we have had three sessions (2 in June, 1 July) and will have our second July session on the 11th. We began with two participants, and this coming fourth session we expect to have up to eight or more participants.

Along with the sessions a padlet has been created which so far contains…
Adjacent & Supporting Knowledge, we believe that these sessions are knowledge creating events and we are collecting the knowledge and thought streams.

Library of Practices, here is where individual practices can be demarcated and documented for others to use or for ongoing development purposes.

Writings is where any participant can share their writings from the sessions. These writings will be published in some form.

Language Bank, this is where we are gathering terms, meanings, definitions, and attempting to get at the core of the words that we are gravitating towards as we seek to understand experiences.

June was also preparation month for Brujula residency in Cayey, Puerto Rico. We each have constructed a Cayey “basket” where we are collecting the topics and practices we will be investigating and sharing in July. I also have committed to giving a talk/platica, “Reclaiming ritual in dance, a critique of the appropriation of dance methods and knowledge in psychology and the somatic wellness industries”. For this I have been gathering data.


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