[Proposal] MotionDAO: Changing Shapes/MotionDAO Residency at K.Format, Documenta 15th, research & sharing

[Proposal] MotionDAO: Changing Shapes/MotionDAO Residency at K.Format, Documenta 15th, research & sharing

MotionDAO hub: MotionDAO Canada Hub

Recipient: chimerik.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 600 USD

Project proposal:

Co-organizer/facilitator/research-presenter for MotionDAO Residency
Our collective artists Sammy Chien, Caroline MacCaull and danielle Mackenzie Long of Chimerik 似不像 /MotionDAO Canada Hub to join the research, discussion and presentation in the program “Changing Shapes” + “MotionDAO in residency “ at the K.Format Off Space, in conjunction with the 15th Documenta Festival. We will be sharing excerpts of our past and current work that integrates dance, technology and spirituality, gathering forces of MotionDAO to research, investigate, and share our work revolving on the topic of creative digital economy, innovative new ecosystem, and sustainable collective connections.

MotionDAO’s Canada Hub opening lecture:

intersection of art, technology, spirituality and embodied intelligence in the Blockchain/web3 environment by Sammy Chien (Chimerik似不像) 25 mins

Spirituality, embodiment and nature

MotionDAO CanadaHub: Chimerik’s We Were One Project

Intro/Research sharing 40 min

Performance excerpt 20 mins

Research workshop/discussion (ritualization, mediumship & spirituality)

Chimerik’s 003_playback: Virtual Online Performance research

An interactive, participatory, movement exploration presented through a web-coded, live-streaming platform. We will show some of the creation process in person with a discussion on it’s relevance to blockchain/web3 technology.

  • demo
  • audience playtime
  • discussion/feedback

We will continue to engage with K.Format, but focus more on researching and visiting the rest of the exhibitions, showing, sharing, talks and discussions in the 15th Documenta Festival, where we will be visiting sites, art work and networking in this rare and significant global art event.

Research session with Lenara Verle

Research session with Lenara on fundamentals of crypto currency, NFT and Blockchain technology for artists, intensive advising session with audiovisual documentations that supports artists without much preconceived background knowledge to understand the value and creative directions for this technological advancement.

DIGITAL BODY LAB at the Lake Studios Berlin

We will be sharing our research as part of the DIGITAL BODY LAB at the Lake Studios Berlin, lab leader Mark Coniglio is the creator of Isadora/pioneer of digital performance, who is also Sammy Chien’s mentor.

Why it’s important:

It was through MotionDAO who connected us with this opportunity, which is also when we learnt about this massive scale festival called Documenta which happens every 5 years in the city of Kassel in Germany, the last 2 editions (13th & 14th) had approx. 900,000 attendees. This edition, they will feature the highest volume of artists (1500). Some say that this may be the last edition of the festival. We believe this will be a very vital time to visit, to connect globally and share our creative dialogue that is pressing. We are lucky to find K.Format, a local grass roots arts collective and art space that seeks to create more inclusions for the local community to engage with the global art world. We believe this will be a life changing opportunity for networking on this European and international scale. There are many pressing issues, challenges and creative topics that we need to engage, research and share at this time– especially perfect for this kind of setup– this vital time where we’re updating on the global rapid change in the art world, in the new ecosystem that we’re heading into after the years of global reflection, reset and revision during the pandemic. We feel strongly to share our social and artistic values as a Canadian arts collective with years of intersectional approach in activism, social change and technological innovation deeply integrated in our art practice and creative voices. It would be an important time to gather, network and exchange these knowledge, learning and sharing globally. Especially the on this new knowledge and potential of the web3/blockchain technology with NEAR.

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