[Proposal] Meta Battle by DAOrecords x geNFesT

DAOrecords @ geNFesT 2023 in Malaysia

Proposal: Meta Battle of the Bands

Registration Link - https://forms.gle/5fNdRbVYJEgxHhMH6

Introduction: DAOrecords was established in 2020 to help facilitate the release of Music NFTs and onboard musicians into the Web3 space. You can find our Near Social profile here.

For additional background information on DAOrecords you can refer to our approved proposal to Creatives DAO here - [Approved] DAOrecords - Mission: Onboarding // April & May 2023 * The reason for linking this information is that we find it redundant to have to rewrite it every times we create a new proposal. I hope this won’t be an issue.

You can learn more about geNFesT here - @geNFesT | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

About The Region

Malaysia is home to a number of NEAR projects including 369 and is currently a focal point for DAOrecords. Last year @gonemultichain and @kelsontoh were involved in the NEAR Malaysia Regional Hub. I’m not sure as to the status of NEAR Malaysia today, but it’s our objective to reboot and kickstart initiatives in the country starting with Meta Battle of the Bands and the onboarding of musicians and creatives. It’s also important to note that our council member @Sleezy_Moss and creative director @masiaone are both based in Malaysia. With that said, there is untapped potential and opportunities to activate the local creative community starting with this proposal.

Funding Scheme

This proposal is a one-off funding request for this specific event.

Funding Proposal


Meta Battle is a competition for bands of all musical genres that consist of 3 or more members and is designed to showcase and recognize the amazing talents that Malaysia has to offer. Meta Battle is brought to you by DAOrecords & geNFesT!

The competition will take place on the June 29th & 30th as a part of geNFesT 2023 at Fort Cornwallis, Georgetown.

Read more about the battle here

DAOrecords will also be having a booth at geNFesT to promote what we are doing on NEAR to all the attendees.

Not only that, Vandal of DAOrecords will be participating in a Panel on Music NFTs.

Our Request:

We are looking for additional funding to support the following elements of Meta Battle

  • Host: They will be hosting the 2 days event on stage, interacting with the audience, introducing the bands and facilitating the flow of the schedule.

Cost = $500 ($250 per day)

  • Stage Manager: We will hire someone as stage manager, they will make sure bands are ready to go and work together with the Host.

Cost = $400 ($200 per day)

  • Booth Attendee: We will bring one person with us to attend to the booth during the festival. This will be @Sleezy_Moss from our team.

Cost = $400 ($200 per day)

  • Booth Marketing Material: We want to create stickers, flyers and a bunting to decorate our booth at geNFesT.

Cost = $250

  • Transportation: We need transportation to Penang from Kuala Lumpur and back for the Host, Booth Attendee and Stage Manager. Transportation will be by Bus.

Cost = $150 ($75 each way)

  • Accommodation: We will need accommodation for the team coming up from Kuala Lumpur. 4 night AirBnb apartment rental (arrive 28th June depart 2nd July).

Cost = $250

  • $NEAR: We are onboarding all the bands and want to give them some $NEAR for their participation in Meta Battle. We will also provide $NEAR prizes to the Top 3 winners. We will also allocate some $NEAR for crowd activities.

Cost = $500

  • Judges Stipend: We will have 3 judges join us for the 2 days. They will be locally based in Penang, so won’t need accommodation or transportation covered. We want to allocate $100/day to each of them.

Cost = $600

Total Requested = $2,950

Metrics & KPI

We anticipate having 16 Bands participate in Meta Battle after selecting from the applicants. With each of those bands having a minimum of 3 members, we look to onboard at least 48 musicians with wallets. All band members will be rewarded with some NEAR for being selected.

We will also be doing activations during the course of Meta Battle to get the crowd involved and onboarded. This will be through on-stage contests and will reward audience members who participate.

By offering Music NFT distribution via DAOrecords for the Top 3 winners we will also be releasing new content on the platform and promoting it to our followers. A total of 6 songs will be distributed via DAOrecords.

Participating in geNFesT and having a booth will allow us to reach an audience of approximately 5,000 people. Our booth will have marketing material available as well as talking to attendees about DAOrecords and NEAR. We aim to onboard some people via the booth as well.

Additionally through our participation in AMAs, joint marketing efforts and the Music NFT panel at geNFesT, we look to increase our numbers across our Twitter & Instagram.

Our Goal

We intend on using this event and the Meta Battle as a way to kickstart more initiatives design for musicians in the Malaysian market. Ironically, our very first NFT we released under DAOrecords was for a song produced and performed by 2 Malaysians.

This also gives us an opportunity to tap into an extensive network of artists and Web3 communities in the country that I have personally been building relationships with since 2016.

Not to mention the potential community build we can do through our CRIB initiative.

Final Thoughts

Investing in this initiative will inevitably do more for promoting NEAR in Malaysia than just a battle of the bands. It will lay the foundation for future initiatives.

We look forward to your feedback on our proposal!


Thanks for submitting your proposal.

Just to confirm when this event will take place. If it’s for June, we cannot access it and assure distribution of funds by this time.

RCWG have a stipulated time durstion for offline event’s proposals which is to be two months before event date.

We would encourage you either shift your event date forward or check with other verticals for funding.

However, its a grest proposal and we would love to get on this.

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael thanks for your reply. Was stipulation in the Processes document? I was given that to use for the proposal.

There’s no chance to shift the event, as it’s tied to a festival that is going ahead on that date. It’s a shame we can’t fully integrate NEAR this time around. If you have any other suggestions on possibly getting this funded that would be great!