[PROPOSAL] Community Manager | DAOrecords | May 2022

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Community Manager
Previous report: [REPORT] Community Manager | DAOrecords | April 2022
Proposal for the month and year: May 2022

DAOrecords Marketing Team
Vandal - Operations [Founder] @vandal
Masia One - Lead A&R @masiaone
Pawel Crans - Project Manager @Paul
Elena Marakova - Product Designer @lelen.maramar
Derrick Ong - Marketing @_Tech1
Sleezy Moss - Community @Sleezy_Moss


  • SoundSplash starts on May the 4th so that means more meetings to be attended, plus promotions to push the event will be doubled on all of DAOrecords’ social platforms.

  • Will continue to work closely with Marketing & Project Managers @Paul & @_Tech1 on the Social Media Plans, Discord (Daily Quiz & Weekly SoundSplash Trivia), NearHUB’s Twitter Giveaway Contest.

  • A Sticker Pack Bounty for the purpose of Telegram & Discord will also be held this month. Me and Paul will be handling it as the chosen winners will be walking away with $150 accumulatively.

  • Boosting the Discord server for the month of April and May. $4.99/per month, $9.98 in total.

  • The Daily Quiz on Discord will continue but the prize will be tweak from the previous month with each participants who managed to answer the given question correctly will receive 0.05N instead of a giveaway just to spice it up and to tame more members of the DAOrecords server in joining the quiz. A ruff total of 5N to 10N will be reserved for the Daily Quiz on Discords; it may varied depending on the the amount of participants who manage to answer the question correctly.

  • The SoundSplash Trivia for Discord has been finalised in terms of its structure comparing from last month proposal, only a ruff idea of it were drafted. The trivia will manually posted instead of using a bot.

  • I will also be working closely with @Ligaya on designing the SoundSplash theme headliners exclusive NFTs; for the month of May’s line-ups (Still and GIF versions) as the rewards for the Weekly SoundSplash Trivia on Discord and also to be sold on Paras.id. As discussed and agreed with Paul, Ligaya will receive 5N of commissions + 15% of royalty share for the NFTs on Paras.


Looking forward to make SoundSplash events a success as we kicking the first of twelve series off on May the 4th so “May the Force” be with us on this one. I’m also looking forward for the launching of DAOrecords website and its marketplace as the launching of the sites will lead to more members being active on the Discord server as part of the main community site. Apart from continuing working with Paul & Tech, I’m also excited in cooperating with Art artist like Ligaya on the exclusive headliners NFTs as part of the rewards for the up and coming SoundSplash Weekly Trivia on Discord.

Expected hours to be contributed: 40 Hours


Thanks @Sleezy_Moss! It’s no easy task to motivate the Discord community, but you’ve been doing a wonderful job at building momentum and we’re stocked to see things grow moving forward!