[PROPOSAL] Project: NEAR EcosystemOnboarding & NFT Creation for Lakota Tribal members

Project: NEAR Ecosystem Onboarding & NFT Creation for Lakota Tribal members at the Uncila Makoce, Earth Day Gathering on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota

Proposed by : EFAM DAO efam.sputnik-dao.near

xochicana.near , ashelseasunz.near , Newbuddy.near

Concept :

Educate and onboard Lakota tribal members into the NEAR Ecosystem. We will educate and inform participants on Blockchain technology and the NEAR Protocol. We will steward a training session on alternative economies and economic sovereignty.

We are working with The Kin DAO on this initiative and have invited them to present and collaborate with us at the Uncila Makoce Gathering we are organizing on Lakota Tribal lands on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

Indigenous people are among the most marginalized populations in the United States and have suffered greatly as a result of colonization. We intend to offer tools and support for this community to enter Web3 and build sovereignty for themselves and their tribe.

We also intend to continue our creative endeavors and storytelling. We will create Portraits / NFT’s of Indigenous Leaders with accompanying audio that tells their unique story. We would educate these leaders on Web3 and Blockchain technology and create NEAR Wallet’s for each person featured. Their portrait and audio story would be minted on Mintbase and will live alongside the NFT’s of Unhoused residents in a gallery that we hope to expand to feature more communities in the future.

Project Status: newly created DAO’s second PROPOSAL

We will employ the following steps:

(1). Identify participants and educate them on blockchain / NEAR

(2). Photograph participants / edit portraits

(3). Record Audio Story / Edit audio story

(4). Create NEAR Wallets for participants and send them an activation token of 0.1N to enable the wallet to be active.

(5). Create an EFAM Mintbase store.

(6). Mint NFT’s in EFAM Mintbase store ensuring that active transactions initiate in their newly created NEAR Wallets. Teach this process so they can create more themselves.

Budget: $4,000

$500 - Photography : Shooting / Editing (2-4 leaders profiled)

$500 - Audio Recording / editing

$1000 - Venue Rental on the reservation

$1000 - Travel to the Reservation

$1000 - Participation Stipend for participating tribal members

This project build on the Success of our first project :

NFT’s for unhoused Residents https://gov.near.org/t/report-feb-mar-efam-dap-report-nfts-for-unhoused-residents/1840


Congrats on this beautiful proposal. I love that you are teaching the original peoples how to create and mint NFTs. I visited to the Black Hills for the Unity Concert in 2016 and 2017 as a council member of the Fountain and had the pleasure of meeting Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, among other Lakota peoples. Their stories and ceremonies are super powerful. Thank you so much for supporting the Lakota people in this innovative and impactful way.

I am also working on a project for the original peoples, in this case to create a dedicated layer above the web for them and allies, thereby enabling them to have sacred space over web pages. I just presented this deck to the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations: Original Peoples Deck - Google Slides

All: Wondering if it might make sense to create a guild for projects supporting original peoples. Do you know of other relevant projects in the NEAR ecosystem?

@Ashelseasunz: Good brotha, great to see you in the ecosystem. I’m relatively new here. It’s great to see a friendly face. And not surprising at all :slight_smile: