[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO videos edition - april 2022

Spiritual DAO video edition

(4 podcasts and 4 interviews edition)

This include:

  • Edition of the Karma podcast, all the 4 episodes.
  • Edition of Innerviews with Sahil Massey, all the 4 episodes

we intent to give all Spiritual DAO video art material the face of the DAO. This will inpruve our content and give a long time linearity

the project
We are planning to do a lot of videos of our projects to upload to our youtube channel, and mint them. We already have 4 episodes of Karma podcast edited by @w4R and he get the idea and vibe of it very well. So for this month of april we intend that he edit all our videos. To do this, we remove the edition of the projects and compile all of them in a proposal. We need:

  • Edition of 8 videos for april - 500$/month


We will give the raw material, 2 per week, to @w4R and he will edit and give back the final material, 2 per week.

Subtotal: 500 $

Thanks for calling me again!

the first time was a delight working with you,full creativity liberty and experimentation with the themes talked about, therefore i can only expect good things from this next step, wich each podcast i felt like a learned something new about life, and the many perspectives from it!

i cant wait to see what the interviews will bring to the table!

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You were a great addition to the DAO, bringing your art and creativity to the content <3
Thank you

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[REPORT] Video edition to Spiritual DAO - April 2022

project participants

@w4R was our video editor

Project Status Completed (on paying process)

Project Accounting

Even with little time, he could complete all his work without losing the quality.

What we have accomplished in April

4 podcast ware edited

4 innerviews ware edited


Having a fixed editor makes all the content show like a unity and start to make the Spiritual DAO “face”.


We need to give more time to the editor. To do this, we need more workable time in the month

Next Steps

If we reduce the numbers of videos, maybe we put this resource in each project.

See you all in the next one <3

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