[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO Content Creation

[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO Content Creation

A team with a art designer; a video editor and an audio editor


We learn that we need a team to make good art content. With the knowledge that we already have about our material, we set this 3 work areas to become part of our team

the project

  • Art designer
    • Work:
      • 10 art designs set by the council
      • 5 tarot cards
    • Cost: 300USD
  • Audio engineer
    • Work:
      • edition of 5 yoga videos audio
      • edition of 10 guided meditation audio
    • Cost: 300USD
  • Video editor
    • Work:
      • edition of 5 yoga videos
      • edition of 10 guided meditation videos
      • curate and edition of 15 small videos for shorts (YouTube) and reels (Instagram)
    • Cost: 400USD

Note - The scope of work could increase a bit based on the requirements. The pay is fixed and it will be a monthly job.


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of June 2022

Final products

  • 10 arts with an unity design to be minted at Spiritual DAO mintbase store
  • 5 tarot cards to continue the Tarot Deck and mint them on mintbase
  • 10 guided meditations videos that will be uploaded in youtube and minted in mintbase
  • 5 yoga class videos that will be uploaded in youtube and minted in mintbase
  • 15 small videos to use in our social media

Subtotal: 1000USD


Hey @beetlejuice just wondering if you have already chosen/invited the artist, audio engineer and video editor? If so, do you have some examples of their work?

No, we will look for professionals by making a post to people share their work. And then we will choose our team <3

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Hi, I am interested in the editing work. I have been editing video since 1981 amongst other things. I just have a question about the work; is all the work you listed over one month or over a period of time? Thank you

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Hey, That is per month. @GeminiRising

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Here is a link to my resumé: about | Gemini Rising click on the documentary bio link. Thank you

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Hi, very interesting and it looks quite nice. Congratulations!

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I’m not professional but I want to be learn design art.

[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Content Creation Team

Project participants

@Asadmusic - audio engineer

@Lpky - art designer

@C0D3 - video editor



Project Status Completed (waiting close the files)

Project Accounting

We set a bounty to choose Spiritual DAO content creation team to create 15 videos + 15 shorts + 15 art designs

What we have accomplished in june

We open a bounty and ask for portfolio for 3 jobs (art designer; audio engineer; video editor)

We let the bounty open as much we can to give chance to all participate and had a big difficult process to choose the best ones, cause we had very good portfolios <3

We are finishing the creative content for this month, but due to the lack of time. We are close art files and rendering videos (we will put the 30 videos and 15 images links here as soon its finished)

the finished render videos from guided meditation

processed yoga videos waiting render

*thumbnail of the 10 guided meditation8

10 art design of 15 to be minted


We are very happy with our result. We get a good team in two ways: good professionals with good work; and nice people to increase our community.

Next Steps

We will keep the team for next months to create our content <3


Star Trek Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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Hey dudes, just have at it. Given that I’ve been in video editing for 15 years and did the first Internet TV in the ex-Russia - in 2006. If you still need someone with video - I was late to see the info.

Rellow Radioevrazia. We set out team last month, but thankyou for your reply <3

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