[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO Content Creation

[PROPOSAL] Spiritual DAO Content Creation

A team with a art designer; a video editor and an audio editor


We learn that we need a team to make good art content. With the knowledge that we already have about our material, we set this 3 work areas to become part of our team

the project

  • Art designer
    • Work:
      • 10 art designs set by the council
      • 5 tarot cards
    • Cost: 300USD
  • Audio engineer
    • Work:
      • edition of 5 yoga videos audio
      • edition of 10 guided meditation audio
    • Cost: 300USD
  • Video editor
    • Work:
      • edition of 5 yoga videos
      • edition of 10 guided meditation videos
      • curate and edition of 15 small videos for shorts (YouTube) and reels (Instagram)
    • Cost: 400USD

Note - The scope of work could increase a bit based on the requirements. The pay is fixed and it will be a monthly job.


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of June 2022

Final products

  • 10 arts with an unity design to be minted at Spiritual DAO mintbase store
  • 5 tarot cards to continue the Tarot Deck and mint them on mintbase
  • 10 guided meditations videos that will be uploaded in youtube and minted in mintbase
  • 5 yoga class videos that will be uploaded in youtube and minted in mintbase
  • 15 small videos to use in our social media

Subtotal: 1000USD


Hey @beetlejuice just wondering if you have already chosen/invited the artist, audio engineer and video editor? If so, do you have some examples of their work?

No, we will look for professionals by making a post to people share their work. And then we will choose our team <3

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Hi, I am interested in the editing work. I have been editing video since 1981 amongst other things. I just have a question about the work; is all the work you listed over one month or over a period of time? Thank you

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Hey, That is per month. @GeminiRising

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Here is a link to my resumé: about | Gemini Rising click on the documentary bio link. Thank you

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Hi, very interesting and it looks quite nice. Congratulations!

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I’m not professional but I want to be learn design art.