[PROPOSAL] Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs - June 2022

[PROPOSAL] Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs

Onboard 8 members in our DAO. 4 spiritual masters and 4 spiritual DAO support people.


We want to onboard members of 2 kinds

  1. Spiritual Masters/Teachers
  2. Spiritual Enthusiasts / Support system
  • Spiritual Masters/Teachers

Our aim is to onboard prominent teachers and masters who have been practicing their art and sharing it with the world. We want to onboard them and have monthly AMAs with them to bring spiritual light to the network of DAO that exist in the NEAR ecosystem

First people to be onboarded

  • Llama (buddhist monk from tibetan lineage of monks)

  • Jyotish - Astrologer

  • Shaman from Brazil / Anishanabee

  • Rekhi or Vastu

  • Spiritual Enthusiasts / Support system

They will be the support system of the DAO and would be responsible for

  • recommendations of future spiritual teachers to be onboarded
  • Hosting AMAs with spiritual Leaders
  • Suggesting growth strategies and collaboration opportunities for Spiritual DAOs growth
  • Opportunity to join as councils with spiritual DAO
  • Sharing our posts and AMAs on social media

the project

  • Onboard Spiritual masters - 4 x 50USD - 200USD
    • open 4 wallets
    • make a weekly AMA in our Telegram with them
    • Give them participation NFT
  • Onboard Spiritual strategic members
    • open 4 wallets
    • each one of them need to bring 1 more member
    • open 4 more wallets (for the new ones)
    • they need to share our content in their social media accounts


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of June 2022

Final products

12 new members for the Near protocol and Spiritual DAO.

4 recorded AMAs

Participation NFT certificate

NFT shots taken out from the AMA

Airdrop NFTs to members to forward it to their friends and family

Subtotal: 400USD

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[REPORT] Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs

Project participants

ewelinayoga.near - Meditation and yoga teacher

rohilyoga.near - Yoga teacher

arija.near - breathwork teacher

luinaya.near - art therapist

Project Status Completed (waiting 4 wallets)

Project Accounting

8 wallet created to unboard. 4 spiritual masters and 4 spiritual members

What we have accomplished in june

We are adding members that have a spiritual connection. We already added 4 spiritual masters and 4o spiritual members.

We decided not to do the AMAs this month and will start in july because we had too little time to do this properly.

All the new members received 50 DAI in their wallet to do transactions in the ecosystem and all of them were joined in our Astrodao.


We start to find really nice spiritual persons that can add content, new ideas and proposals.

Next Steps

We are keep bringing new members to enlarge our community and grow the ecosystem