[Proposal] HypeDAO Budget April '22

Project Name: HypeDAO
Project Status: In Progress

Project Members:

March Metrics & Recap

Project accounting: 241N balance

* Twitter Spaces – $250
Kodandi has planned 5 Saturday spaces planned in april @ $50 per space. They continue to be well attended from 64 to 134 people each time. There are many other NEAR spaces now, so we are reducing the number that we are hosting at the moment.

  • Blogging Budget – $300
    We are budgeting for three helpful articles for NFT artists written by members of the greater HypeDAO community.

  • Social Media Management – $600
    We have added @Loam to our council! He has great vision for HypeDAO an will be helping us out with social media this month. #### Social Media Management budget:
    social media budget proposal

  • Budget Management and DAO facilitation – $250

DAO: hype.sputnik-dao.near

Total Budget requested for April: $1400



It would be very important to adjust your proposal to the creatives proposal template. Here are some examples:

This helps make your proposal clearer for the moderators and the community. =)

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I have updated the format to follow the same layout as CUDO DAO. please let me know if this is sufficient.


It would be important to have separate posts for each topic showing that these projects already have the approval of the community behind HypeDAO. Just like you did in the February proposal.

Also, I think you might consider concentrating the social media-related requests to @marketingdao-council and thus get funding sources more aligned to each project. I think that this updates will make your proposal more stronger.


Hello! We are working on the budget proposal for May now and we’re going to include April in the May proposal. We are all a little confused about the marketing DAO because none of our projects are related to marketing. Our social media projects are all about community building. Marketing is not mentioned in any of the proposals. Can you clarify?


Blogging budget proposal [Proposal] HypeDAO Blogging Budget March 2022

Twitter Spaces proposal [Proposal] HypeDAO TwitterSpaces Budget March 2022

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Yes, I can =)

Check it out:

You are describing the activities of a Social Media worker, and this type of work falls under Marketing funds. You can check, for example, these proposals from DAO’s that were also supported by creatives.

Ask some funds to Marketing is a way to give your DAO more space on the Creatives Budget. Do you have limits here, so, split the funds between verticals more adjusted on each topic is a good way to expand your projects. =)

Put these posts as hyperlinks in the parts of the proposal where you are talking about them. How I’m doing here:

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But then what about the Twitter Spaces? That’s also social media and it’s been in the HypeDAO budget for months with no problems.

I am not saying that you are forbidden to ask the creatives. I don’t even have that power. I’m just saying that social media activities can be referred to Marketing, giving your DAO more background possibilities. You can keep them in your proposal to Creatives. If everything is within the guidelines we will approve it and it will go to the other DAO’s for voting as usual. I only pointed out that activities like the ones you describe in Social Media Management could be supported by Marketing.

But let me give you a hint: don’t get attached to what has already been approved and/or how it was approved because we are daily working on improvements to make the processes more decentralized and stronger for our community. So if a moderator suggests something new, don’t get attached to a proposal approved in the past.

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When there are changes in what Creatives DAO will/won’t fund can that information get posted here in the forums? HypeDAO is just a bit frustrated because we are trying to comply but we are not getting information until now under our budget proposal and the April budget proposal didn’t get funded. I’m following the telegram chat and information seems to get lost in all the event messages and requests for votes.

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Hello @kodandi. I understand your frustration and am truly sorry. If you notice, our conversation has had a 10 day gap with no response from you. This drastically affected approval during the month of April. I am not here to hinder your proposal, on the contrary; my role is to help you structure your proposal better and make sure it is in the guide lines. In the February proposal you did perfectly well posting separately for each project, which was one of the points I asked you to review in April, so I assumed it would be easy to have this fixed.

When we have changes to the guidelines they are posted on the creatives page, and are pinned for better localization.

For example:

The telegram group is open, and I recognize that sometimes information gets lost there, but when we are reviewing a proposal, the mediator has the role of helping you, answering questions and adjusting so that your proposal is strong and adjusted, making sure it can go to the vote.

Anyway, I’m sorry for what happened, but let’s work together to ensure a good proposal in May. I and the other moderators are here to help.


That was Max you were talking to previously. I’m going to be writing the budget for May and I’m trying to figure out what happened here and what I need to do.