[PROPOSAL] HypeDAO April Budget and March activity report

March was an exciting month for HypeDAO as we discussed changes and prepared for some growth in the coming months. We said goodbye to long time councilmember ZON and welcome new councilmember Loam. We are looking for someone to continue the Hype Battle.
HypeDAO increased followers/members on Twitter and Discord. Telegram members remained the same, but that platform is no longer used.

Twitter Spaces were a little bit slower, except for the one Saturday that I don’t have statistics for, March 19. That one went over three hours and I estimate 150 attendees.

The blogs budgeted for March posted April 1st, so that will get added to the April report.

April Budget:
Increasing social media activity, presence, and support for artists by new councilmember Loam $600 https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-hype-dao-social-media-budget-april-2022/17899?u=kodandi

Twitter Spaces Budget $50 USD per Space hosted x 5 Saturdays in April =$250

Blogging budget: we are inviting more bloggers to join and implementing strategies to drive more traffic to the blog. 3 blogs in the month of April x $100 USD per blog = $300 USD

$1150 total USD