[Proposal] Hype DAO Social Media Budget April 2022

Our twitter has been stagnating in the last few months, so our goal in April is to get it back on track with regularly scheduled content and engagement posts.

HypeDAO does not have a presence on Instagram. We would make connections with NEAR creators on IG and support them by engaging with their content.

Objective For Twitter and Instagram

  • Three engagement-driving posts per week throughout the month.

  • Two deep dive posts for the month about NFT collections or creator projects on NEAR. We would feature outstanding projects.

  • Daily response to engagement and outreach in the form of responding to messages, comments and retweets, ect.

  • Create 1 meme artwork post/month

  • Increase following by 100 new followers, and average engagement per tweet should be a notable increase from previous months.


Post content that falls in the following categories: Art share, art collecting, artist advice, Hype happenings in the NEAR NFT world, engagement posts, and links to any articles and Hype events. Trial run a twitter-based contest where the prizes are $HYPE.

Proposed Budget: $600

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