[PROPOSAL] Human Library – NFT


How do you build connections across diverse communities and peoples living in the same city allowing for learning from each other’s perspective and finding common ground?

Inspired by the Human Library Project https://humanlibrary.org/
For those motivated to help challenge stigma and stereotypes through dialogue and personal conversations. This project

A human library project where a person embeds their life experience/perspective, experience token into a NFT and people in their local community can borrow them for up to 1 NEAR, having a fixed price for borrowing incentivize borrowers to also generate value for the community.

On “borrowing” of the NFT the borrower has 2 weeks to use the Dapp to schedule a meeting based on the availability time of the Human.

The project is about creating a wealth of diversity and sharing of defining life experiences between groups of diverse people. It can also help people to find people to collaborate with or share projects with.

A Library Dapp allows people to join the library and create their own NFT. Each NFT is only shown in the library if availability is confirmed by the NFT owner to ensure borrowers have access to the NFT Creators.

When a meeting takes place the borrower pays 1 Near and the Near community pays a bounty of 1 Near to encourage the project.


Fascinating idea for cultivating serindipity! Of the concepts that you presented at the hackathon this one is the most unique. Worth pursueing if you’re still excited about it.