Ideation for NFT-Onboarding - An Crowdfunding and Feedbacks Dapp for writers

Project Name
Empower Writer


A dapp where writers can receive donations in NEAR tokens from readers allowing writers to continue their work


Many new writers have difficulty finishing their book or story due to lack of motivation and funding


Build a dapp where writers can upload their draft of their book and story and receive feedback and donation so that they can continue their work

How it works:

  • Writers visit the website and upload a draft of their book and story
  • Writers publish their draft for readers to see
  • Readers can give feedback and donations in NEAR tokens to the writers
  • Writers receives feedback and donations from readers






I love seeing proposals that help out authors! One problem area I can anticipate would be copyright and plagiarism: since you’re asking writers to publish drafts of their work, what assurance could be given to them that their work won’t be borrowed/stolen by others once this in-progress work is uploaded freely and openly on a website?

Now this could get very legally technical or it might be a straight-forward fix with some kind of disclaimer the authors sign, or a warning notice or code of honour/conduct message website visitors have to opt-into before being allowed to access these writers’ works, but am dropping a note here to be sure it’s something you’re being sure to consider!

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Thank you for the feedback.

The writers could upload the first chapter or page of their work instead of everything.

Or I could make the reader pay some NEAR tokens to view the writers’ works.


Definitely! There may be some info here to help you decide how else you may protect the writers’ works because often a purchase of some kind to view (i.e. charging NEAR tokens to view the works) may only discourage people from participating on your platform, so it will be interesting to find the right balance between access and protection: What is Global Copyright? International Copyright Basics | RightsDirect

Good luck!


@mecsbecs definitely an interesting question about copyright!

@ysongh are you already familiar with sites like ? It seems like they offer content from writers fairly freely. As long as you put upfront rules about ownership you don’t need to have a technical mechanic to preserve copyright.

Does your idea require a full fledged dapp or could it be prototyped with existing NFT platforms like mintbase? If you are set on a dApp, how long will that take to build?

Do you already have a community to onboard to this app? How many new users are you hoping for each month?



Thank you for the feedback.

I planned to build a dapp for this idea. I might take me about 1 to 2 months to build the prototyped.

I do not have a community onboard for this idea.

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Hi everyone, I created a powerpoint for the presentation.

Here is the link

Hi everyone, I created a video for the presentation.

Here is the link


Hi everyone, here is the link to Github of this project.

@ysongh your GitHub proposal for 40N has been approved.

We are setting up monthly meetings with projects who will keep going after the hackathon. DM if you would like to set up time and stay in touch!

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