[Proposal] [March] NFT Club - Educational Hub

Education, Research, and Community Building

  1. Project Name: NFT Club - Educational Hub
  2. Project Information: Fostering NFT Communities
  3. Project Team and their experiences: 2+ years of experience in NEAR NFT ecosystem.
  4. Previous funding background: $500 (From NEAR NFT WG: Feb-2024)
  5. Funding Request:
Type of Post Deliverables Quantity/No. Reward Request
Short Engaging Posts Quiz, Crossword, Puzzle, Daily/Weekly Trending Posts 60 $200
Educational Thread Twitter threads covering NFT ecosystem within and outside the NEAR backed by data driven research analytics 4 $200/Thread = $800
Article/ Blog Covering NEAR NFT Projects 2 $50/Blog = $100
Project Outreach Onboarding Onboarding NFT Projects from different chains for building on NEAR 2 $250/Project = $500
Community Rewards Quiz, Crossword, Puzzle, Feedbacks, and Reach etc. 50+ Members $200
Moderator Distributing Rewards + Managing Sheets + NEAR Project Collaborations/News Outreach 1 $150
Total $1950

Wallet Address: nftclub_eduhub.near

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Thank you for your proposal, you have good marketing content and engagement, as previously given the feedback, we would like to see more educational contents.
As your request for content is equal to max cap of NFT WG, I would love to support you with $500- max $750 if:

  • You could increase educational content
  • Increase focus on onboarding communities and founders
  • If you can elaborate : Onboarding NFT Projects from different chains for building on NEAR
    Thanks for the hard work
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That will be very helpful. Kindly do consider us for the max. cap. within the budget.

This request is for the outreach and attracting valuable leads to the NFT WG to foster the growth of the NEAR NFT ecosystem and amplify the network effects for any applications developed on NEAR.

Hi all!

Our socials for the reference. Earlier due to new account restriction we were not able to add it but it’s fine now. :slight_smile:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftanalyticshub
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nftanalyticshub