[Proposal] GoaDAO - first Metaverse party

Project Members:
Ksenia Ruban
Olga Feldman
artist OdnoNo

Target: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount:
300 USD = 32.5 N (price based at the time of posting 9.2 USD)

this month we want to explore Metaverse parties to invite there artists from Goa and their audience for people all over the world, as well as to promote NEARHub.online among creative communities here.
we’ve recorded the event on video and sound, now the preparation of video for stream is going on. and we’re setting up the date and time for streaming with Tamago
it’s a solo concert of artist from famous band that visit Goa to stay

we’re creating wallet for band’s producer and they will share links on NFTs and announce about the stream on their social media
during the stream we’ll make 3 screenshots from the video and mint it as NFTs on Mintbase store of GoaDAO, 6 copies of each, goadao.near will be minter, 3 copies of each NFT will be transfered to the band account. royalties 25% to the store, 75% to the band

Final production:

  • Video to Stream
  • Mint 3 screenshots from the video as NFTs on Mintbase store of GoaDAO
  • NFT from the party from MetaverseDAO on historical store , one copy will be collected in GoaDAO store

when: 16th of March on Tamago

Funding details:

  • soundengineer. recording and mastering = 100 USD
  • videographer. recording and editing with the sound = 100 USD
  • artist payment = 50 USD
  • streaming managing and set up 50 USD
    total: 300 USD = 32.5 N (price based at the time of posting 9.2 USD)

Hello ! =) Everything seems nice, cheers on that :beers:

I could not see the timeline, can you point it out ?

There are some timelines on other posts of yours but this is like a piece of the whole budget? from:


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Yes, definitely. This is a part of monthly plan.
Timing is easy - once a week we plan to make streams, probably one stream will be for a big gig so for 2hours, so other 2 for 1 hour each, so it could be not every week. Specific dates we’ll set up after proposals approval

Hello @johanga,
Just to add to @FritzWorm 's feedback above, I think the section of “metrics” could have a clearer timeline and also set out the details of the events in more detail, (ie. names, dates, people involved, and links).


@FritzWorm @ted.iv gratitude for support !
i’ve added iinfo with links to the post, please have a look
actually, every day there are proposals to us for collaboration from projects, djs, artists, venues, events, that are planning here. as soon as we have approval and funding we are ready to start set up exact dates and confirm it with MetaverseDAO and nearhub.online, and announce through our social channels and NEAR ecosystem and local communities

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@johanga I see that the event cited above is happening today. For me, it’s a little unclear right now as to what exactly the goal is and also I believe more concrete details are needed for the events, so what I would suggest is, as a DAO that is new to the Creatives, maybe focus on one event and iron out the details for this and we can go from there?

such events are happening every week, like ecstatic dance, open mic, jams, i tried to show examples, cause every week it happens same way mostly .
The goal is to record different Goa events and mint NFTs from each and make a virtual gallery through Goa vibes! By the way to onboard musicians and other artists naturally by opening opportunities to them.
It’s about this part :

Only because it’s Goa, where historically music happens all the time full of creativity and unique, this proposal looks like this

As for stream to metaverse, here i accept your suggestion to focus on one first- I’ll make separate proposal with all details.
So I’m removing this part from funding details now here, right?

@johanga Ok, I understand the concept but I think focussing in on one or two for the first creatives proposal, followed by a report on those events would be the best way to get started! Be as concise and detailed as possible for these so everyone can understand and build from there would be my reccomendation. Hope this helps!

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Hey @johanga , I saw your comment in the other proposal regarding another event happening in Goa, but don’t see any mention in the proposal of goa daos involvement in this event:

Yes, sorry for delay answer, i plan to describe here by your recommendation one of the event, that will be streamed and minted first, and i’m talking to event-creators here to coordinate it with their plans. And the proposal, where I’ve mentioned you, is one of them (they are happy to mint artists on mintbase and to stream a part of party to metaverse, to create active wallets), but honestly I’d like to make first steps with more simple party. I’ll be back here in few days with detailed reply according to your previous message :pray:

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@ted.iv could you check it now, please

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Hey @johanga
Looks great and thanks for the patience with all of the edits.

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i’m glad to learn with such a guidance:)
i feel all ecosystem support

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Happy to help @johanga

what shall i do now here and here and with childrens project to be funded?
a poll to astro ?

I will reply to the main funding request now

we had amazing party !!
and already planning to perform more :))

this is a full video
NFT OdnoNO on Tamago from Goa - Mintbase
(1 now seems like enough, no need to make 3)

and feel very sad and guilty that i forgot to call becopro to make NFT for historial store (
so next month i have to cover this fail