[Proposal] GoaDAO Metaverse gallery and streaming point

GoaDAO Metaverse gallery and streaming point - creation

Project members:

Target: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Funding: monthly
Total Requested Funding Amount in USD : 1050

Initiative Summary and Context:
Next 4-5 months it will be monsoon (rain season) here in Goa, and mostly live events will be less by amount, frequency and places. But still it will be. Many people are moving to mountains this time until the beginning of next “season” (october-november), but a lot continue staying for ages this “off-season” time.
On the other hand, we’ve noticed that creative people in Goa and in India are encouraged about Metaverse.Then, we see that quite a big number of goadao members and attendants of our meetups are graphic designers that are ready to grow. and the last - by God’s Miracle we’ve got a parcel in CV for testing our ideas.
So it became clear that we have to use this opportunity to collect different Goa activities in metaverse, no matter what the weather is.

Same time it was our idea of experiment to discover - if it’s possible to create in metaverse a piece of Goa representing vibe and creative atmosphere of Goa through streaming all kinds of events and activities that pass here regularly: yoga-classes of diff.international Masters; Tea ceremony; Contemporary dance theater; ayurvedic or astrological lectures; macrame workshop; healthy food masterclass; DJ parties streams etc.

So we start creating (in May) and fulfilling(mostly in June) GoaDAO Metaverse streaming point, first in CV, then hopefully on NEARhub.
For fulfilling we plan to involve our soundengeneer as a streamer, who will collect the best cultural content - concerts, music jams and parties. And another person who will take care of constructing the schedule. After NFT-contests (in May) we’ll perform bounty for streaming programs from instructors of directions that were mentioned above (June-July). Bounty will be hold by applying to stream in goadao metaverse point through post on forum - who wants to do regular or one metaverse stream has just to post short description in the certain thread on gov.near.org. Also everyone has to share an announcement about an event on his/her social media.
After first months we wish to produce some analysis about how to create a structure of schedule and its recognizable design with examining what kind of events what time is suitable for whom, to create categories of events and focus on the most interesting

The next thread, that is growing from our meetups - educational workshops in collaboration with other DAOs. We plan to organize 4-6 voxel meta-art workshops per 2 months from different 3d-artists of NEAR Ecosystem and then in July to perform a contest among meta-voxel-artists, who can use the results of these classes for contest.

(the last) Since now we’re creating goacharity.near wallet. All NFT collections, galleries and NFT-contests winners artworks of goadao mints with 20% royalties to goacharity.near .
all the funds from this wallet will be used to CLEAN Goa - we’ll transfer it to NCOs that are doing things for it (spreading trash bins in cities and villages of Goa, cleaning rivers and beaches, including separation of the garbage). to bring attention to the topic we’re setting up next NFT-contest with the topic of Purity, (like “keep clean India)
20% from profit from revenue selling NFTs will go to cleaning initiatives. During first month we’re going to make agreement with certain organization, to open a wallet, and send earned N in the end of the month.

GoaDAO creative purposes for NEARest months are:

  • to become presented in metaverse(s) as a creative-hub on NEAR (just because historically Goa still is one of the main international creative hub on the earth)
  • to focus more on educational online events [for goadao members to produce voxel-artists with the help of NEAR Ecosystem]
  • to focus more on exploring metaverse events (streams) to find out best way of our representing there as well as to give goa creative people opportunity to explore it with us

May. 1-16

  • finishing building the base 2-3 floors in CV with streaming room and workshop space
  • announcement about voxel-art-classes in May and June
    May. 17-31
  • holding 1-2 voxel classes
  • metaverse party-exhibition of NFTs from contest with DJ stream
  • nft-airdrops (to create and drop)

Roadmap for the next months

  • 4 voxel classes
  • preparation to fulfill GoaDAO streaming residency :
    . announcements in social media
    . performing bounty on forum
    . accepting applications and structure in a schedule
  • testing the setting up streams and organizing schedule and promo
  • contest among streamers on forum by likes and feedbacks
  • metaverse party-exhibition
  • nft-airdrops after (to create and drop)
  • voxel-art contest (hope, on NEARhub)
  • bounties for stream on forum
  • giving a space for projects to be exhibited

Funding details (May):

  • rent a parcel 100 usd/month
  • build a parcel 400 usd
  • 1 meta-art workshop 250 usd
  • metaverse party-exhibition (bounty DJset 100 + setup 100) = 200 usd
  • nft-airdrops (to create and drop) - 100 usd
    Total : 1050 usd

Hi there,

I’m new here and live streaming interests me very much, would love to contribute.

how does the “bounties for stream on forum” works? how can i be notified when this happens?
what platform will be used to stream inside the forum?

despite not knowing yet how to live stream inside metaverse , I’m very interested…


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hi! understand your interest :slight_smile:
by the plan, bounty here will start since next month

First it will be proposal here for June, then after approval bounty-post will be created, also we’ll announce it in social media of goadao :slight_smile:

we’ll stream to goadao parcel on CV , and probably to some other spaces by agreements.

have a great day!

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I am 15 years experience sound engineer in Goa, Arambol with all gear needed (from portable 2-channel recorder to portable workstation with possibility of 16-channel recording). I can mix, master music. Maybe in future if all goes well could start an automated service which will help new users to stream with perfect sound

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