[APPROVED] Monthly funding Goa DAO - March 2022

Project Members:

Target: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Current balance: 259 USD

Projects & Timelines:

  • kids club on Mintbase 600 USD +6.5N(create Mintbase Store)
    total = 660 USD = 71.4N (price based at the time of posting 9.2 USD)
    monthly funding

  • GoaDAO - first Metaverse party
    300 USD = 32.5 N (price based at the time of posting 9.2 USD)

  • Council Work 290 USD =31 N

Total Requested Funding Amount:
1250 USD = 135 N (price based at the time of posting 9.2 USD)

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Hey @johanga so, with the creatives dao we are currently having discussions about the involvement of children in the ecosystem. We are all in agreement that education for kids about the web3 world is essential but our stand is that it can get more complicated once this is monetized, so I was wondering if you have thought further about this process for the workshop?

Tagging @mecsbecs in here for a perspective from the side of Near Foundation.


As GoaDAO we’re performing weekly meetups, and for March we plan to focus one of it for parents and children like workshop. From one side we will be able to present Leo’s project with kids as example, from another - we’ll get feedback and questions from parents, that will help to find answers for them, to discuss it here. and from other side, we’ve got in touch with Children of DAO, who are preparing guide for parents and children, we’re talking about it translation into russian and give to russian parents here.
As for myself I’ve started to mint drawings of my children with them, with giving the understanding, even about that it can be monetized. Then, i suppose, I’ll teach them to stake )

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@creativesdao-council could you please make here a decision for our best efforts :pray:

Hi there!

Just leaving my thoughts here about working with youth. I think this conversation is a big one the entire community should engage in. As a systems builder I am always thinking about the ways our good intentions can go wrong and how vulnerable people can be taken advantage of. Children are some of the most vulnerable and as a community we really need to make sure that we are protecting and tending to them carefully. I enjoy the idea of onboarding children to web3 and encouraging their creativity but I get concerned about what monetizing creativity so young can do to the psychology and identify of young minds - will they begin to identify their worth with the amount their artwork is sold for or how many transactions are made? My biggest concern is the exploitation of children by parents. Of course most would never intend for this to happen but when make systems that leave doorways open like this there may be people who take those opportunities.

To me, Web3 is really important because it is about sovereignty. It gives us the ability to self create, self bank, self govern. At the most basic level this means each individual has control over their own wallet. Children as young as 2 years old cannot comprehend or maintain their own level of autonomy in the space and that makes me worry. Maybe age limits could be something to implement?

These are just my personal thoughts. As moderators we are not here to control the projects happening, we are just here guide and ensure that what is being cultivated in this community is integrity. To personally be on board with bringing children into web3 I would like to hear more about how protections are being built in for young people to stay safe.


hello! @adrianseneca thank you for conversation, admire with your approach and care, i understand it quite close, i see how discussions with parents are going, and i see how children react.
that’s why we decide:

  1. as it’s an experiment, only drawings produced during Leo’ classes participate in project, these works are created once a week - it’s not the whole creative art that the child produces
  2. our purpose is to create and mint History of artist growing, to save his path into blockchain, for him firstly . they understand that they create art into technologies and they are fond of panting with Leo
    actually, this was my personal reason to explore NFT for my kids art - they are painting a lot and they are creating collections, many times repeating the peace that their mind and feelings are focused on. as we’re travelling (many of us!), we don’t have opportunity to save all these drawings. so i see that i can put minimal price or keep it not for sale, until child grows to certain age when these NFTs will start to be valuable, for him as his history firstly. and then he will decide, what to do with all his collections.
    now the value is in the process
    here in project Leo wishes to join parents to understanding of web3, to promote the opportunities of NFT among creative people Goa, to make efforts for the future.
    what he’s doing now, until we are discussing his project, he started to explore Paras, with NFT-gifts - minting pictures that was gifted to him from other artists, and then he wishes to send/transfer copies to all the community around
    i want to say, that we want to collaborate with others DAO’s projects for kids “from paper to NFT” and to make common exhibitions; i think of preparing workshop for parents and children. we’re aimed to share with understanding of NFT, but not making money from their work:) by the way, funding of the project covers all the needs and makes lessons free for them all
    Here the community is open-hearted and open-minded, children are good in understanding and feeling themselves and they can not do smth without their own wish, these chldren are mostly artists kids, young expats staying in India since were born mostly.
    age limits - that can work for everyone, i guess. i’d rather put 5 yo as a floor. how do you think?
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Popping in at @ted.iv’s request and tagging my colleagues for their viewpoint as well [ @Community-Squad ].

We’ve seen a few instances crop up over the past few months, especially on the Creatives side, with great intentions to nurture and support the creativity of children of all ages, but we do move into tricky territory with this. Featuring legal minors - their artwork, their images - with a distinct monetary purpose is not something we have explicitly endorsed in the past to my knowledge and the Creatives DAO Council has actively discouraged it.

On a personal level, I’m also not a fan of it because these are little individuals who do not and cannot fully comprehend what publicizing themselves will mean for their privacy and digital identity, in addition to the reasons @adrianseneca so eloquently listed.

What I’m reading here as well is the middle-ground here could be clarifying that the funds given to support this project are for educational purposes only and parents and legal guardians should be fully alerted to the values of web3 as part of this. Documenting Leo’s project process for promotional purposes, featuring children, would still be fine so long as there is clear waiver agreements where parents and legal guardians sign off on Goa DAO’s use of images for the Kids Club programming only. But no funding can explicitly go toward the opening of Mintbase, Paras, or other NFT marketplaces for these children participants and to monetize their work. Instead NEAR wallets can be generated by these parents on behalf of the children (Goa DAO could send NEARDrop with set amounts of $NEAR in them from this initiative) as an investment for their future use and as an onboarding tool for the parents. If the parent decides to set up a NFT collection of the child’s artwork that isn’t for sale but is kept until the child is old enough to decide what they would like to do with it, this seems like a great angle to take to address our concerns there too but will be difficult to enforce.

Ultimately, this way we respect the potential vulnerability of legal minors, while still supporting education for all-ages around NFTs and web3.

I will leave it to the @creativesdao-council also to weigh in on whether or not they think the above is a viable compromise.
@johanga thank you for your explanations and vision, and continued openness to this discussion.


@mecsbecs thank you for paying attention here :pray:
I clearly understand your worries and hope to dissolve it
We see that our children will live their lives with these blockchain technologies, and as parents we want to be prepared to it, and to allow children naturally be involved in it.
I totally agree with every your thought here. Even you write :

and it’s included in our marketing proposal and activities - we are using nearnames.com for neardrop and open activated wallets for people, so we continue doing here as well. And i like the idea of focusing on it more
Also after posting proposal we’ve started to communicate with Children of the dao and since then i encouraged to translate guide for children that the DAO made. So the idea is to collect artworks, to create exhibition, offline and 3xr gallery, to give knowleges to children and parents, to show how similar projects are happening in other places.
Same time, last weeks we’re working on text for document (agreement) for parents it’s in russian still but I can easily translate - it’s about that they allow to collect artworks that children are creating during Leo classes and to use as examples to onboard creative parents and children, to explore NFTs; that they will co-operate in creating wallets for understanding the phenomenon of royalties. I can add there the part about that these NFTs not for selling but for studing and onboarding, that this project can create treasure for child’s future. That this project the price for minted nft will be not more that 0.5n (for example).
Also it was important for Leo to make these classes free of charge , like the future is near and its knowledges are free for future generation


could you look at updates there please :

it would be amazing to go on further

Hey @johanga , just looking through the updates now and I think this whole conversation here has been a very important one so far for the greater community. I think @mecsbecs suggestion of educating the parents on minting the NFTs and leaving that up to them is the best way to deal with this situation. From what I can see in the proposal, it looks like you would still be responsible for this minting process on behalf of the kids?

this conversation becomes very useful for me.
firstly, i want to remind that it is not my own project:) there is Leo, artist, who mostly doesn’t speaks english. and he came with this proposal and ask for help to bring it to you, so i’m doing.
personally me support @mecsbecs suggestion a lot, so i decide to do with artworks of myown children - i will collect their nfts without putting on marketplace, but sorting by collections i wish to collect the history of young genius development, and gift him on 15th b-day :slight_smile:
here the intense of Leo was 1. to give children opportunities to create their art with all materials for free. 2. to explore with them and their parents NFTs.
so this happens as described. Leo is making paintings, then parents are coming to take kids back from lesson and they are watching the process of minting and discuss it. very often Leo calls me there to the end of lessons for giving more wilder answers to parents, than he can.
then, as GoaDAO we’re performing weekly meetups on Wed.
so all people, whom we meet, from parents and from different artists, we’re inviting there, where we show, explore and study as on workshop
and the last , Leo insisted on preparing document for clarifying positons and purposes, it was attatched here
but i put here the text:
Agreement about drawings for NFT
By this letter, I confirm that I allow the use of my daughter/son’s (name) drawings from the classes with Leo Putnik to study how to create NFTs and to promote them on the NEAR Protocol platforms - Mintbase and Paras.
The NFTs that are created and minted as part of this project - are not for sale!
Their purpose:
№1 - to teach the principles and capabilities of web3 to Goa parents and their children;
№2 - to give children the opportunity to draw and express their creativity free of charge (supplying with materials for classes, paying the rent);
№3 - to participate in collaborations with similar children’s projects on NEAR from other DAOs (Children of the DAO, Afrostar Guild, GambiarraDAO kids) in order to experience international virtual galleries of children’s creativity.
In case, if the collaboration requires to put artwork on the marketplace, then it is billed at max= 0.5 near. to give an understanding of the royalty system.
As long as the child is young, up to the age of 14, the parent keeps the sid-phrase and curates the collection(s), which they pass on to the child when they reach a certain age.
In the case of NFT sales, royalties must go to the following wallets:
Leo Parent

so this we have, and it’s working already, on parents payments now , but children of Goa are painting with Leo everywhere :slight_smile: i supposed, with funding kids can get much more cool drawing instruments and colors and other materials, and parents are becoming interested through these classes about NEAR, NFT and web3, so they become ready to visit weekly meetups for more practical and detailed experience.

i’d ask to make any final desicion
even if it’s “no”, to approve the rest Metaverse project, so i couls work on it in time (we put date in Tamago at 16th of March, Wed - during our meetup we’ll support people how to go to metaverse party on our own example! :slight_smile: :smiling_face:

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@johanga I really appreciate your patience and feedback in this discussion. Looking forward to seeing the report and how others in the community can benefit from this.

Your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts

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thank you for the great support and guidance
there is a poll on Astro

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  1. Metaverse party on Tamago was amazing!
    and there are more in goadao highlights about collaborations

  2. all report materials are mainly collected on channel
    and to highlights
    more from Leo i put to the post of the project

but also i saw David’s post about restrictions for childrens projects so we’re closing this initiative according to it.

@ted.iv :pray:

Hey @johanga you can post the report as an individual topic and link it in here. Thanks!
Any extra feedback in terms of learnings and experiences throughout the month is always welcome also.

Here’s an example of a monthly report as an individual topic from Incubadora dao: