[REPORT] April 2022 GoaDAO monthly report

Monthly Report : April 2022
Project Name: GoaDAO
Project Status: in progress
Project members:
@johanga johanga.near
@NataShi tusya.near
@Manumission manoomission.near

Balance: current account balance 91 USD

Astrodao: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

This month of April we’ve applied for support of 2 creative activities:

  1. NEAR Fashion project is delayed a lot, because of indian post and service.
    here intermediate update was fixed
    finally the material is arrived. but the quality is differ from that was ordered, so the created models are changing according to new texture.
    the project will last longer, but we spent only 20N for material to the moment and ready to correct the plan accordng to enviroment.
    learnings: we had to write this proposal as a plan for 2-3 months directly

  2. Metaverse party
    we’ve streamed only 1 of 2 yet
    Full moon Ecstatic Dance ceremony, was lasting for 2.5hours in Tamago Island
    first 15 minutes were little smashed, and the event itself was delayed for 1 hour. so i made few valuable conclusions, that i’ll keep in mind for next times

  1. the start of live stream has to be started and announced at least half hour later than artists say it will start
  2. we have to prepare more than 2 wifi/internet options, sometimes even 3 is not enought . so as Jeff told, more safe is to make prerecorded stream, than live, but how to share with atmosphere then? )
  3. as better and more modern Zoom we use to take sound, the better quality of streaming sound we have and less problems with setting up.

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becopro report for Metaverse DAO historical store on Mintbase

i’m waiting for the updates from NEARHub about our second stream.

Funds rest on johanga108.near in DAI, still to be paid out 1396 usd
300usd for stream, the rest for NEAR Fashion

April proposal