[REPORT] March 2022 GoaDAO monthly report

this month we had 2 initiatives in Creatives category and we’ve got great experience thankful to it

  1. Metaverse party on Tamago
    it was amazing! Tamago team guided us so gentle and properly, that we didn’t make any mistake and the stream passed smooth and we had a real metaverse party:)
    now we know how to perform it so we plan next party with Tamago for April, and some more ideas are in the process of description and discussion

some feedback about the event here:

there are more in goadao highlights about collaborations
and full report here in the thread of post

  1. Children’s creative club
    it’s opened the store goart.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store
    where they’ve collected artworks from classes, collecting also the history of classes, that was shown to parents after lessons
    2 parents afterward came to GoaDAO meetup to study about web3 and NFT
    they’ve organized many places for drawing with children in Arambol, on every adults event Leo brough painting materials and set with children drawing, he gave opportunity of free drawining for kids in every location where he arrived during this month
    full report from Leo i put to the post of the project
    all report materials are mainly collected on his channel
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you were totally right when you had doubt about the project. it was definately helpful for kids to draw without payment everywhere in Arambol. but it was quite difficult to connect parents with web3 through it. nevetheless we’ve done it several times, when i was able to come and to explain the connection of art with blockchain technologies (but it wasn’t possible for me to do it every lesson)
and also i saw David’s post about restrictions for childrens projects so we’re closing this initiative according to it. but Leo wishes to continue to join adults-painters to his store further