Proposal for ReggaeDao - Live With Big M

Proposal for reggaedao
Event: Live With Big M on Reggaedao


Reggae music has always been a tool for positivity and revolution all arpund the world. The rhythms and progressions are one of a kind and everywhere reggae music is being played, positivity is always in the air.

Studio recording is one thing, live music is another. Studio recording gives you a limited time and space to record your vocals but during live performances, you are allowed to use your skills to the maximum.

Live With Big M on Reggaedao is a monthly event whereby artistes get tk show their skills live on set. There will be live instrumentalists to support the artistes and both audio amd video recordings of the event will be captured live.

Interviews will be made at the begining of the show which gives every artiste room to share their experiences with the world before starying the show.

How are artistes picked?

There will be an auditioning. Artistes will be told to perform live for 2minutes from the locations and upload to the google drive that will be pasted on the group.

@Jahzone and @Big M will be the judges of the auditioning and one artist per month will be chosen for these live shows.

The duration of every show is 1hour every month which will be uploaded on our YouTube account, facebook and Twitter as managed by Reggaedao’s Council members.

Official Studio Partner: Omega Creative Studios

Studio Rental - $200
instrumentalists and audio staff - $250
Video production - $150
Graphics: $100
Performing Artiste: $200

Total: $900

Coordinator: Big M (fatokunmayowa.near)