Report on Live With Big M for May 2022

Report for Live With Big M, May Edition

Yes, May has come and it was a beautiful month for ReggaeDao as it was the month we actually stepped outside the DAO with our members with a lot of activities.

Live With Big M was hosted for the first time and for every first time events, one expects a hitch or comma of some kind but we didnt expect such.

Our funds came in promptly and the event was appropriately hosted.

Out of all the participants that expressed desires to participate, only four did on time and they were:

  1. Lehleh
  2. Dj Ankaara
  3. T.O.B.I
  4. Scarman Baba

Here is the astrodao proposal for 900usd

And after deliberations by the council members, Scarman Baba was chosen as the winner and was paid $200 after.

Then he went to @omegadigi-world to record his live studio session having earlier sent 5 of his tracks for instrumentalists to rehearse with.
He sent

Burst It
My Lady
Dj Xpensive
And was perfectly performed live on stage in reggae form.
Here is the 700usd made to @omega digi-world, the Multimedia centre we used

Here are some of the pictures of the event

The full video of the event is on ReggaeDao’s YouTube and this is the link

After the wile show, the instrumentalists were onboarded to the ecosystem and here are there profiles

LekkiSax - He is a multi instrumentalist that has performed with many great artistes in the country and here is his profile

Diamond - He is also a multi- instrumentalist that has performed wigh many great artistes and also hisnown studio.

Thank You for reading

Congratulations to those who participated on the live with bigm hopefully this coming months will be greater than this I love the energy

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Thank you guys for showing up. Next month promises to be bigger and better.