[proposal] for contest

Hello guys! It’s waka – first dating for the web3 era. We came up with the coolest idea about a new competition in collaboration with mintbase and AMBER from waka product! You can check it out here:

To launch this competition, we need $400 + 6.5N from MintbaseDAO (to be reimbursed to mintbase2.near from where the store was created). Mintbase2 will cash out funds 400 usd of the prices, and the store.
The address of the payout proposal is mintbase2.near.

So what’s plan?

  1. [10/06] Prepare contest blocks or pop-ups that can be embedded into products. Mintbase hero store 13th - 17th.
  2. [13/06] Launch competition with posts in waka, mintbase, amber social networks.
  3. [13/06] Put a block about the competition inside the products (waka ui and mintbase hero category).
  4. [13/06] Invite other partners to retweet.
  5. [27/06] Choose winners.
  6. [27/06] Buy out the winner’s NFT.

Amount in NEAR 80.
Target account: mintbase2.near


approved! cool! let’s do it.

Just not sure if we can get the upvotes on the platform in time, i’ll let you know ok? Or should we change the methods of winning for main winner? maybe we make them list them all at 0.1 near and see who sells more?

tagging @LuisInfante and @reginamintbase for them to keep updated


That’s great! It will be cool to work together. We can make changes based on your feedback, of course.

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I like the idea of listing the NFTs and having people buy them as a workaround for the likes. List for 0.01 NEAR like we did for the tech updates

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Hmm @reginamintbase we actually were talking this morning in the group on telegram, please check there :slight_smile: