[Proposal] Example Project Proposal

Project title: Example Project Proposal
One-liner: Copy this template for your proposals to the Open Web Governance Challenge. Make sure to include the ‘metagov’ tag!
Project DAO: Metagov DAO [make sure to replace this! This should be the Sputnik DAO you registered as part of the hackathon.]
Challenge area or bounty: E.g. “Experiment with PolicyKit and the Metagov Prototype” and/or “NFT Onboarding”
Slides: link to slides
Repo: link to code repository, if relevant

Project members

  • Joshua Tan (thelastjosh.near)
  • Miriam Ashton (mashton.near)
  • Eugene Leventhal (eleventh.near)
  • Michael Zargham (zargham.near)

Project summary

In this section, please summarize the project in 500 words or less.

Additional sections

Feel free to structure the rest of your proposal however you like.

Other attachments

Link to other attachments, e.g. video, kumu graphs, etc.


Hi @thelastjosh
I made a new proposal for [Give me a hand :teddy_bear:], let check it out when you have time.

Thanks Josh :v:.