Open Web Gov Challenge: Project Proposals

Hackathon Update

The Open Web Governance Challenge has been running for 2 weeks, and I’d like to highlight some project proposals. You still have time to share ideas, create a project proposal (example), form your DAO, and solve real problems!

Projects are due Saturday, June 5 at 5pm EST.

Grand Prize: $5000 in NEAR

Runner Up: $2000 in NEAR
Honorable Mentions: $500 each

Each team is expected to give a 5-minute presentation of their projects to the judges on Sunday, June 6 at 10am EST. If you can’t make it, please coordinate with the Metagov council to send in a 5-minute video.

Upcoming Events

Thanks to the Sputnik DAO community, MetaGov, and TEC!

Sputnik DAO Panel Discussion


  • Illia Polosukhin (NEAR Co-Founder)
  • Jordan Gray (Sputnik DAO Product Manager)
  • Chloe Lewis (NEAR Community Squad)
  • Max Kudinov and Ravi Patel (Magic Powered Dev Team)
  • Denys K (Stardust Staking)

Token Engineering Workshops

Exploring Polycentric Governance in Web3 Ecosystems


Cultural Frameworks for DAOs:

Ostrom’s Principles & Governing Common Pool Resources in Web3


  • Jeff Emmett and Jessica Zartler (Block Science / Commons Stack / TEC)
  • Livia Deschermayer (Commons Stack / TEC)
  • Renzo D’Andrea (Platform Design Toolkit / Change the River)

Project Proposals

Voyager DAO

Inverse Space


Stateless DAO

Prison Art Project of the Americas DAO


Give Me a Hand

¡Blockchain Democracy!

Alas DAO

NEAR Place

Berry Knight DAO

Arroz Studios


NFT Real Estate


Democracy for Venezuela


Reimagining the NEAR Community Fund

Quadratic Voting

Token-Weighted Voting

Prediction Markets

Ceramic Bounty DAO


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A fantastic Panel Discussion and all the proposals are awesome. Just FYI I have created another DAO futarchygov.sputnikdao.near as I set wrong my NEAR address as a solo council member. Now the previous DAO futarchy.sputnikdao.near is deprecated. All your insights are welcome! Thanks

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Hey there,

Thank you!

I just wanted to clarify that the Arroz Estúdios proposal is only the one for integrating NEAR through a payment app (the second one here in line). The other two have been submitted by me but for a different project which is not related to Arroz but the muti DAO.

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