[PROPOSAL] Event in Ouriço - Poetry, Music, Performance, Workshop, Doccumenting

‘’TRYING’’ poetry, art and performance event in Ouriço

A night of poetry, art and performance celebrating the release of the poetry book ‘Trying’ from Niall Hearne.

The event will take place in Ouriço on 6/8/22. It will incorporate poetry, performance, live music, dj’s and an art exhibition. The night will flow together as one experience, featuring such artists as Smoked Falmon, Abia Karim, Praying Mantis and Beatschrute. The event will feature collaborations and crossings of Garden Collective DAO, Lens DAO, and Muti DAO.

We will have our neardrop account for active onboarding throughout the event for attendants.

What The Funding Is For

The day will start with a Darkroom Photography workshop by Abia Karim. This will take place over a few hours and the prints resulting from the participants will then be included in an exhibition during the later half of the day’s event. More on the workshop can be seen here:

  • $300

The event will be documented by Christopher from Lens DAO (Topics tagged lens-dao), who will then make an after-movie edit of the day capturing all the elements of the event. From the art exhibition, poetry, live music, performances. This video can then be used for future promotion, awareness, applications.

This will be a cross-DAO collaboration project between Garden Collective DAO and Lens DAO. Garden will fund 50% this month and Lens DAO will fund 50% next month. It is an exciting opportunity for us to work with and share talents with artists and creatives in different mediums.

  • $425

Total: $725


Hi guys!

Thanks a lot for inviting us to take part in this beautiful opportunity and collab. We are definitely and happily accepting the invite and would like to offer the following:

  • Shooting, all day event, in cinema 4K: 250 USD
  • Lights, mic transmitter, smoke: 20 USD
  • 2 days of editing: 500 USD (includes colour grading, trailer & full video)
  • Assistant: 60 USD
  • Transportation: 20 USD

Total: 850 USD (shared between Garden DAO in July and LENS DAO in August)


Hi there,

Sorry, I forgot to drop the video here. There we go:

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