[APPROVED] monthly budget - june - lens dao

Project et council Members :

Target :

Current Balance :
2771 USD

Previous report :
May 2022

Total Requested Funding Amount :
5000 USD

Projects and TIMELINES :
This month we are proposing the production of 3 videos, a multidisciplinary arts show in lens-DAO studio space and some investments in new photo/video’s equipments to offer a complementary technique support to the creative needs.

Aftermovie video.
A nurturing DAO to DAO collaborations (Changa Records, and lens-dao) creating footage of NEAR funded project to create visibility of the creative ecosystem within NEAR

Budget : 475 USD

A digital artwork projection.
A video installation performance, soudaqui/nao sou daqui. Another DAO to DAO collaboration with arroz criativo ; documentation of the planting air project funded by N, motivation for new artists to enter web3.

Budget : 750 USD

Onboarding tutorial video.
A production of entertaining tutorials to improve accessibility and understanding of the NEAR ecosystem. A production of an entertaining tutorials to improve accessibility and understanding of the NEAR ecosystem. A highly beneficial for the whole ecosystem as it will help newcomers to enter NEAR

Budget : 550 USD

A NFT exhibition with physical artworks.
A multidisciplinary art show in the lens-dao studio space located in Cacilhas, Portugal.
A DAO to DAO collaboration, approx 30-50 guests expected, bringing a tangible side to NFTs, including the mutibazaar and onboarding station
Funding sheme split into 2 months (june + july).

Budget (june) : 900 USD

EQUIPMENTS for Self-Sustainability :
To work towards self sustainability we would like to acquire some tools
(12’’ crane / Matte box + Filter) that will guarantee us high quality videos and avoid further costs in the future for rentals.

Budget : 350+370 = 720 USD

As in the first monthly proposal the option to request DAI has not been available and N dropped significantly, we would like to request this buffer to pay compensation to one of our collaborators (Bea) which participated in the freedom dance project. We are aware that N is a volatile coin and do not request a compensation for any other projects but would like to keep the collaborators motivated. Since then we have requested DAI to avoid situations like this and we will not request any other compensation.

Budget : 105 USD

Budgets and reports ; astro DAO votes ; the managing of the new member (@justineL); future meetings, work at the lens-dao work space for the NFT exhibition etc…

If you want to know more you can reach us through our telegram - LENS DAO Community chat


Hi @justineL. Happy to see such a well-organized proposal. Can you just tell me more if you have plans to involve more members on your activities? I mean, checking your ASTRO I saw that you don’t have many payment requests are being from wallets in addition to those of directors. Are you having some troubles to involve another members on this? =)

Let me know if I have something to help on this =)


Hey Hi @hevertonharieno, thank you for your reply. As you can see in our previous budget, we onboarded all participants from the previous projects. In order to facilitate the payout process we thought it will be more efficient to organize the payouts that way. From June on, we will ask the participants to request their payouts themselves after they participated. Thank you for that note:)

Also, the dao wants to start slowly and with a solid base and the main idea is to create good visual footages. The idea is that LENS DAO serves as a service provider for other creatives, so artists or other collectives can receive support in terms of visual content and the costs will be covered by lens. We are planning on installing also a fixed amount for external projects/stipends/competitions.

Until now we have already collaborated with several other daos and created content for them, such as arroz criativo, changa records, muti, black cat cinema. We are more than happy to receive proposals from the wider community:)


Hello Heverton, thanks for your feedback on this. May I share a couple thoughts: since the entire project (and especially our DAO) is relatively new, we are sometimes having a difficult time precisely assessing which part might be of most interest for NEAR. This is one of our main reasons why we decided to shoot the tutorial next month (together with Arroz), as we noticed during conversations with other DAOs, that the onboaridng process is the hardest part to get new members into the ecosystem (even though we are planning to involve more members into our activities, we learned last month that - for whatever reason - there are barely any actors, photographers or videographers, that would like to participate in the web3 world.)

If I may therefore suggest something: what about giving the DAOs some sort of guidance / supervision throughout the process of submitting proposals and getting some valuable feedback on the single proposals directly from a NEAR “mentor” with some tips, tricks, ideas, suggestions, requirements, expectations and so on? This would assure a much more streamlined process towards a successful following month, which would in turn guarantee that both parties mutually get their expectations covered. In other words: if every DAO had a NEAR contact (ideally one of the creatives moderators) to give direct feedback to the proposals, this is where I can see a lot of potential for reassuring that the desired outcome is being created. Looking forward to receiving your feedback on this. Cheers, Christopher


Thanks for the replies @justineL and @roadworks. I’m here to try to do (be a focal point to give some tips to improve your proposals) =)

I understand your points and I believe that this month the payments will be better.

For us (creative DAO’s) it is difficult to have clear points that identify our value within an ecosystem with so many investments in the technology area so I think it helps us to have strong proposals the fact that we have portfolios being created, users using platforms (like ASTRO) and other transactions that show that, thanks to our work, the ecosystem is being fed.

Other than that, it’s valuable (at least I practice this in CUDO DAO) to credit our videos with NEAR as a sponsor. In this way we are promoting NEAR as a brand and this is a point to defend your proposals.



Yes, that’s a good point to direct the viewers attention more on NEAR and raise curiosity about what’s behind it. I believe we will enhance our efforts in presenting the NEAR logo like I did in the last 10 seconds of this video and mention its proper appearance in our proposals, too. As we know, there are many creative ways to implement the logo into the environment of the video and we can definitely focus more on that.


Yes, but realize that I’m saying that this is a way that we (myself included) have to value the support received. I don’t think you need to increase that exposure or anything like that. I just wanted to point out one of the ways that creators can justify the support received =)

The work is pretty cool. Congratulations. I’m discussing the approval of your proposal with the other moderators.


Hello Hello! This month we are asking metrics for success, can you add here on your proposal the metrics you will use to meassure the success of this projects?


We need the community to share metrics on their proposals in an effort to collectively prepare to approach NF to prove our value. I believe there is a way to do this with ease, we can help if you need help, our intention is for everyone to unify and gain stability in this moment. Next month we can implement a clear guideline of what is expected.

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Thank you for the positive words, Heverton!

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Hi Fritz, here are our metrics:

PROPOSAL 1: This event has a massive potential by its authentic and playful nature. The NEAR logo as a sponsor in the cinematic aftermovie will subtly and naturally bring the sponsor closer to a new (relatively large and creative) audience. Video to be shared in socials of three DAOs (muti, Changa and LENS) guarantees hundreds of views. Future onboarding potential: 50 participants.

PROPOSAL 2: The collaboration between three DAOs (Arroz, Planting AIR and LENS) will reassure that all of them share the final work of artist Karen da Silva on their respective socials and invite new artists to part take in PLANTING A.I.R. Expected onboarding potential: 20

PROPOSAL 3: The A-Z Tutorial Video will be shared by at least two DAOs (Arroz & LENS) and posted on their respective socials. This is intended to finally help onboarding larger amounts of people that are new to web3. the video will cover 10 most important topics about NEAR / onboarding / wallet creation etc. Expected onboarding potential (and comprehensive digestion of educational content) over the next 2 months: up to 200, potentially more if shared by other DAOs (also Creatives DAO), ideally all over the world. Expected views: a couple thousands.

PROPOSAL 4: The NFT-exhibition is a pilot project that is intended to grow organically and help people build the bridge between the analogue and the digital (web3) world by guaranteeing them access to NFTs. We are hoping to sell tangible products as NFTs (using Mintbase) during the event and have footage of that to show. The educational character of the video plus the contact may help onboarding 10 new participants.


Great partners! Thank u!



Hey hey!

Looking foward and ready for the colab between Changa Records DAO and LENS DAO.
Changa Records DAO is going to upload a short clip from the general aftermovie in our mintbase.

Keep filming and see you at the dancefloor! :slight_smile:
Best Regards
Changa Records

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Hello Lens DAO. Happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [GUIDE] Proposal & Payout process for Creatives DAO