Proposal - Eddington Again - Vozes Do Futuro 1st ED

Project: Eddington Again Live Performance

Target: shannytales.near

Project members: @shannytales

Event date Jun 23, 2022

Vozes do Futuro is a yearly music and digital arts festival celebrating all creative endeavors from the BIMPOC community through shared resources and artistics expressions in Portugal and Europe.

The festival will explore the origins of music genres: house, dubstep, disco, jazz & soul showcasing the influence of the marginalized communities in music and arts worldwide. Vowing to amplify the voices of creative excellence from BIMPOC and Queer artists by being a merger between the community, @arroz-criativo and other spaces with upcoming collaborations

Pride Week at Arroz Estudios (20- 26th June) will feature only artists from the LGBTQ+ community so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Vozes do Futuro to the world and show what to expect at the festival. We will host an event night with 3 queer artists. See line up and timeline below:

Line up:

N▲N▼ - Lisbon based DJ, Violinist 20: 30 - 22:00

Eddington Again (Live Performance) - Berlin based artist 22:30 - 23:00

Dj Neana - Berlin based 23:00 - 00:30

Our headliner Eddington Again is a black queer berlin based artist previously signed to R&S Records. They parted ways after facing racism and disrespectful communication from a founding member.
Eddington Again is continuously striving for diversity within labels and events spaces; whilst sharing their own personal dialogue with race and identity sonically. Eddington Agains experience with R&S is one of many reasons why we believe in creating safe spaces for Queer/ BIPOC artists to be liberated, welcomed in a space that honours their being and will never silence their voice!

This proposal will fund its first edition of Vozes do Futuro to launch Eddington Again into the world of Web3

Furthermore, everyone who attends the event creates a year membership with Arroz Estudios and will receive an audio NFT onsite as a token.

Travel: $250

Accommodation: $250

Artist Costs: $500

Total $1000

All the production costs of the night i.e light technicians, sound technician, visuals, mixers etc will be covered by Arroz Estúdios.

We believe in the longevity of Vozes do Futuro and from the success of this event as a team will build our programme for the next edition in October. A festival on a mission to encourage, support and facilitate integration of the community into club nights, associations and Web3! We will exhibit 20+ artists in October with a packed lineup with events like live performances, dance workshops, street markets, live panel film discussions, NFT exhibitions and much more. We will also be introducing artists and the BIMPOC community to the ecosystem and Web3 world with informational meet-ups.

Hopefully see some of you at the show on the 23rd! If not, remember we will have many more events coming up in October!

Thank you for everything you are doing for creatives worldwide and for all your support to artistic projects!


Thank you for such a relevant proposal, @shannytales!


Just tagging @StevenR here!

Hey there, nice proposal…

Very excited to see this project come to life and help engage these communities with NEAR, big +++ from me.

Only thing is that I think this proposal was posted in the ‘Creatives’ folder rather than ‘Creative & Arroz Criativo’… You can edit if you go back into the post :slight_smile:

Big Eddington fan as well <3


Hi Raquel,

Thank you kindly for the interest in the proposal. Hopefully see you at the show :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey Steven,

Thank you kindly for the tip; I have edited the post and tagged the correct DAO :smile:


Helloo all,

We had an intimate party to introduce Vozes Do Futuro luckily enough to connect people through movement, music and discovery of new tunes selected by local upcoming artists from BIMPOC/ Queer community.

We encountered a few turbulent issues as Eddington missed their flight to Lisbon; we quickly decided to reschedule Eddington’s live performance till October for 2nd edition of Vozes Do Futuro.
Eddington’s flight was marked as a no- show by airline and was unable to rebook the non- refundable ticket. Neana was included in the artist and travel cost and fortunately made their flight - helped us tremendously by agreeing to be the headline act at the last minute.

The event moved forward as planned despite the unexpected changes with N▲N▼ as warm up act; with an eclectic rnb/trap set to welcome people and Neana with an extended afro- house, uk grime and garage set playing an extended set from 22:00 - 1:00am.
Both djs received a successful reception from audience of around 10-15 people who didn’t want the music to stop!

Eddington Again shared the news on instagram to 2,830 followers apologising to those planning to attend the event. They plan to stay in Lisbon for a few weeks to build a local buzz prior to show. Furthermore we plan to complete the onboarding process of Eddington to the eco-system in October.

Neana also shared to their 2,972 Twitter followers the event and how ecstatic they are to be apart of Vozes Do Futuro and sharing music through ‘varied accents’ as seen in their tweets.

Due to the headline act Eddington not being able to attend the event was ultimately non- profitable to Arroz as the total expenses spent towards artist costs were significantly more than what was made in ticket sales and bar sales. However, I don’t see the depleted number in sales as bleak or a loss but simply a way to be better prepared for external factors which may arise during Vozes Do Futuro.

Accommodation costs reduced to $150 as only 1/2 people sub-letted the apartment. I currently still have the remaining $100 of accommodation costs and will put these funds towards the next event in October.

Additionally, Shillin and Chillin is a weekly cypto -meet up at Arroz for new-comers where I was invited to be a guest speaker for a Q&A session on the 22nd; I introduced Vozes Do Futuro, spoke on my journey to NEAR and upcoming plans. We successfully onboarded around 3/4 wallets during these events.

I am unable to upload videos to the post but please send a message if you would like me to send to you. I am looking forward to our show with Eddington in October with improvements and fingers crossed a bigger crowd with many more new on boarders to Web3 world. Thank you for all your support during this time!

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