Proposal Vozes Do Futuro Festival 2nd Edition

Project: Vozes Do Futuro

Target: shannytales.near

Project members: @StevenR, @BlackCatCinema, @dabarroklyn.near, @CatiaCiriaco, Vanderly Neves, Lourenco

Event date: 1st October - 31st October

Hello Near community,

Are you ready? Are you excited for October?

Vozes do Futuro is coming in hot! A month long festival which will explore the origins of music genres: house, dubstep, disco, jazz & soul and showcasing the influence of the black community in music and arts worldwide. Vowing to amplify the voices of creative excellence in the black community by being a merger between the community, @arroz-criativo and other spaces with upcoming collaborations

Historically in times of oppression, stigmatisation, and marginalisation, the black community has banded together through music, food and dance.
All forms of discrimination are unacceptable and should be eradicated; however, time has shown repeatedly that black people somehow always ends up at the bottom of the totem pole in society. So how can WE be the change in which we want to see?
By ensuring the black community is not an afterthought in discussions when booking events in the future and by actively striving to be as inclusive and diverse in our
programming at Arroz, allowing for new doors to open to all.

Following Arroz’s 7-day programming schedule:

Monday/Tuesday: Black Cat Cinema with Independent Films, Live Panel Discussions

Panel discussions after BCC screenings led by anti-racist activists:
Amina Bawa, Mariama Injai, Gisele Casimiro creating a space where the audience can freely express the emotions that come up during the film regarding race, politics and any opinions, anecdotes advice that can be shared regarding the film’s theme.
Premier black independent filmmakers from Lisbon such as Lola Arziki and Grassroots Filmmakers. ++(TBC)

Wednesday: Shillin’ and Chillin’ Session, Local Collectives Takeover, Dance Performances, Storytelling Events
Shilling and Chillin- onboarding workshop to introduce the artists to the NEAR ecosystem and the world of DAOs.

Dance workshops from local performers communities such as Finkape

Thursday: Live Performances & Jam Sessions
In-house jam sessions in collaboration with Ari, Vincent & the band.
Live performances from Synik, Giel ++
Wako Kungo Sessions will host another jam session!! Check out their instagram for videos from the last session on the 4th August!!

Friday/Saturday: Club Nights, resident DJs from Lisbon
Club nights from renowned intiatives such as Principe Records

Dengo Club,
The Blacker The Berry Project

and many more to be confirmed. We aim to book pioneers such as A Guy Called Gerald, Mr Stingray, Mim Suleiman & Maurice Fulton, Eddington Again, DJ Lady Brown & Didi ++

Street Market curated by No Bai, an online marketplace for black-owned businesses and a directory to map black business owners in Portugal. Will also include talks from entrepreneurs and with a variety workshops flowing through the different creative mediums e.g. photography development, candle making, designing with local designers such as Kahumbi, Mystic Virgo ++

Damara Ingles will exhibit her NFT alongside an art exhibition by Filipa Bossuet.

Budget: $3,500 Artist Costs

Due to the scale of the festival and the amount of planning and expenses included we are requesting for $3,500 funding now to begin accumulating funds ($100 -Eddington Again remaining) to cover all artist costs.

Total costs to produce Vozes do Futuro will be around $20K.
We will be submitting 3 requests for funding working towards the ideal goal of $10k from Near.
Arroz Association will provide €2K and the remaining $8K will be from ticket sales.

We are still in the process of completing the full line-up of the month and once completed I will share with you a full break-down of artist costs. :slight_smile:

I would like to introduce the group of amazing souls who I am working alongside in bringing this festival to life:
Jay Graca, Vanderly Neves
Steven, Lourenco, Daniel Evans and Catia.

Community begins with the children so we will encourage them to be a part of the discussions; for honest feedback on what they enjoyed ( or did not), and how they would like to be supported by the team in the upcoming editions. Ensuring that every child who attends a workshop or an event during their time at Arroz knows their voice is heard and their opinions are important. Exploring community at a young age will water a curious mind and with shared knowledge and love that mind will bloom into whoever they want to be.

Vozes do Futuro is a long-term project and in the upcoming editions we will continue to strive for inclusion, diversity and decentralisation by branching out and taking Vozes do Futuro on a smaller scaler to the poorer neighbourhoods.
We hope to be able to provide tools such as laptops, mixing tables, and sewing machines e.g to children from marginalised communities in the future to give them the tools; to continue nourishing the youth and each other through shared joy, building long last connections with the black community and other creative spaces so we can all essentially win.

Thank you very much for everything you do for creatives worldwide!! If you have any questions just let me know!

Hopefully catch some of you at some of the events! :star_struck:

Vozes Do Futuro Deck


Hello @shannytales, thank you for the proposal. Sounds like a big plan with interesting initiatives here.

Since this is the first request of the whole proposal can you please add more details on:

Expected financial distribution of $20K (even we know that you raise this money from different source other than NEAR, it is still necessary for us to know what tasks will be covered from the asked budget.

If you can be more specific about what tasks that the fund proposed from Creatives DAO will be distributed to => It will much more clear and strengthen your proposal.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you


Hi @williamx,

Thank you for the support.

Please see below where we will allocate the proposed funds of $10k during Vozes do Futuro.

Following a weekly schedule/


Dance performance/workshop

50 usd per artist/ 10 artists

total: 500 usd

Poetry/ storytelling events

2 events with poets and storytellers fee: 250 usd to be split between the participants

Total: 500 usd


Black Cat Cinema

Every week a different panel consisting of three specialists will be invited to host a debate on a variety of topics.

200 usd per event

Total : 800 usd


Shillin’nChillin’/ onboarding sessions

Sessions hosted by fellow members of Web3 community

100 usd per event

2 events

total: 200 usd


Jam Sessions

Weekly jam sessions hosted by 2 different musicians each time and a fixed band (6 people).

Artist fee: 60 usd per musician

total: 480 usd

Second jam will be hosted by Wako Kungo + 3 musicians

Total: 460 usd

Total of 2 events: 760 usd

Friday/Sat DJ sets/Concerts with labels

8 club nights in the month

800 usd per event.

Total: 6,400 usd

Sunday market

DJs and live performances. Line up to be announced.

4 events per month with 2 DJs each date.

Artist fee: 80 usd

  • Total: 640 usd *

One Sewing workshop

Date to be announced

100 usd for renting equipment (machines, tools) and 100 usd for artist fee.

Total: 200 usd

Total costs: $10.000

Arroz association will help with $2000 to cover production costs such as:

Salary for light and sound engineer & videographer throughout the month

Online marketing: $250

Physical marketing: $250

The remaining $8k will be used to cover the costs of running Arroz during the festival as well as artists production costs, such as travel and accommodation costs for artists who are not Lisbon based.


So much :blue_heart: for this proposal, well done @shannytales & team


Preach :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :clap: :clap:


Excited for this, will definitely spread the word and be there to check some of the events out


(UPDATE) Hi Near Community,

Steadily confirming artists for next month. There have been changes made to schedule due to availability; here are the confirmed dates thus far with more to be announced in the upcoming week:

Vozes do Futuro October 1st - 31st

1/10 Mel das Peras, Rikky (Barrokyln Agency), Lady G Brown (MaryGroove) , Marfox (Principe),
2/10: Mercado Beato X Vozes de Futuro

5/10: Dubwise Matiné
6/10: TBC
7/10: PumpdaBeat collective
8/10: Xarpi
9/10: Mercado Beato - Kahumbi Workshop

12/10: Poetry night w/ Jay, Shanice, Marcelle, Mariam
13/10: Mindel Sound Band
15/10: Receba So

19/10: Amina Bawa Talk with others
20/10: Synik, Will florelle

21/10: Batekoo
22/10 Studio Club Lisboa
23/10: Mercado Beato x No Bai Launch

28/10: rRoxymore & A Guy Called Gerald, ONA
29/10: NiggaFox, Mim Suleiman, Ja


We are still confirming the Black Cat panel talk discussions and will be assessing the possibility of moving forward.

The response has been very positive from the community who is thoroughly excited for what is to come and to learn more about the project in hand and the Web3 world.


Yes, come down say hello! Spread the word! It’s going to be massive :star_struck:


Hello everyone,

We have began to create new wallets for confirmed artists taking payment through NEAR and processed advance payments to existing community members.

4 new wallets created

Project status is ongoing we anticipate to onboard more users in the upcoming weeks.
Thank you! :smiley: