[Proposal] ISODEA Music and Sonic Arts Festival

Project: ISODEA Music Festival Lisboa
Target: mette.near
Project members: @Mette , @squattingPigeon , zarya.near
Event date 21st May 2022

Dear Community members,

ISODEA music and sonic arts festival has been in the works and somewhat in silent mode for quite some time so we are very excited to present it as it is coming to life. It is a yearly project ran by Golden Blue DAO focused on promoting Female, non-binary and otherwise under represented minorities in music and sonic arts. This policy also applies to production and logistics staff.
For this edition we are concurrently applying for a travel grant to the Goethe Institute in Lisboa as well as to the Creatives DAO as we aiming to showcase 24 performing artists. We are hoping to cover the travel expenses of the headliner from Berlin with the travel grant from the Goethe Institute. We are planning to submit 2 proposals to the Creatives DAO for the months of April and May to cover some of the artist and production fees. We are hoping to build a treasury for future events and cover our remaining expenses with ticket sales and bar revenue. Last but not least we are planning to record the performances to produce an LP containing a radio format docu-podcast of around 20mn and 7 tracks extracted from live performances to be minted on the Tamago streaming platform.

Our Instagram channel here has raked up over a 100 followers in a just over 3 days!
Our official programme listed below will be published over there very soon.

Partner Venues:

** Day Time : Convento Madre Deus de Verderena, Barreiro
15th century convent ran as a community centre and park by the Camara Municipal de Barreiro.

  • Violeta Azevedo w Soroastra : Flute & Electronics - 2 artists confirmed
  • Kate Smith : Vocals, choral of 4 singers confirmed
  • Sonic Voyaging : Electronics, saxophone and dancers - 4 artists confirmed
  • Frog of Earth : Electronic ambient & voice - 1artist confirmed
  • Zarya w Frog of Earth : Loops & vocals - 1 artist confirmed
  • Kate Smith & Sonic Voyaging : Voice & Movement Workshop - 2 artists TBC
  • Gadutra : Electronic ambient & noise - 1 artist confirmed

** Night Time : ADAO is a cultural association host to many events and resident artists.

Associated Costs:

** Artists fees : 150 $ x 24 performing artists = 3600$ [ May Budget ]

** Production Costs : 3225 $ [April Budget]

  • Poster design : 200$
  • Digital promo purchase such as facebook/insta ads : 75$
  • Printing of 150+ physical posters : 100$
  • Technician : 400$ [Set up + Day Tech + Night Tech]
  • Video recorder : 300$
  • Video editing : 200$
  • Sound recordist Day + Night : 200$
  • Sound editing a 20mn festival documentary podcast to be minted with the EP: 200$
  • mastering/editing of 7 live acts into 7 x 10mn tracks for final EP to be released on Tamago : 700$
  • Pass Musica licence purchase for live music performance for 2 venues : 400$
  • PA hire : 200$
  • Catering for artists : 200$
  • Purchase of Sumup card payment terminal for ticketing : 50$

** Our gross revenue estimates are detailed in this document :
Isodea Festival Various Income Models.pdf (254.8 KB)

We are hoping to introduce a good number of these artists to the ecosystem and relevant Web 3 tools. Of course we hope to see some of you on site. Failing that we hope that you like what we do and buy the resulting LP to support everyone involved.

And as ever, thank you for supporting these activities and projects.


Hey @squattingPigeon & the Golden Blue DAO, congrats on the new dao, looks like a very exciting project!

I was wondering how you considered the funds received from bar sales and ticketing would be used to further the dao?

Have you thought about potentially live streaming the event into the web3 space to include a wider community?

Hi @ted.iv ,

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll let @squattingPigeon answer the questions regarding the future funds.

We have considered live streaming, and this could work for the evening event, and we would be very excited with the wider community.
However, the day time event is based on site specific performances and without a sizeable streaming production budget it will be difficult to do the performances justice. In addition to that the site itself has some logistic limitations further complicating live streaming.

The idea of producing a 20(-30) minute podcast/ soundscape of the festival - especially the day time is try and re-create the atmosphere and experience of being there. We will make this available as a free stream, while the EP will be paid.


Hi @ted.iv and honourable members of the house,

Thanks indeed for the encouragements. It is much appreciated.
Live streaming everything would be great but it looks like we are already facing quite a few technical challenges, not least the fact that the convent (day time venue) having only one powerpoint. It would be great to work on a solution once we recruit someone suitable (for video) even if it is a partial solution for the evening.
Failing that we do have access to decent sound recording equipment so we should be able to produce a masterable LP of all the live acts together with a docu-podcast.

Regarding the revenue, we are planning to use it first to complement the artist fees as the funding in this proposal only covers them partially. Unfortunately we could not work with a flat fee for everyone. Once this is covered we still have some production costs to cover such as Lizatron’s who is not part of the DAO council but is a producer of the festival. With the remaining funds we are hoping to recruit a fundraiser to apply to legacy funding institutions and build our treasury to support needs for further events whether they be infrastructure or performance fees. We believe it is worth applying to conventional institutions as similar efforts made with Arroz Criativo DAO a few months ago led to a 40 K euros grant from the Arts Council.

Happy to discuss or clarify anything else you might have in mind so please feel free to approach us!