[PROPOSAL] Dialogues with Philosophy

Main Objective:
The project and radio program “Dialogues with Philosophy” aims to establish a dialogue between philosophy and other areas of knowledge: sciences, arts, culture to server for academic training of teachers and students of Amapá Federal University.

General Objectives:
That program intents to looking a wider audience that has been interested in discussing themes of a philosophical nature and working a public has an affinity with Philosophy. We promote interdisciplinarity between specialists and non-specialists in philosophy or in other areas of philosophical knowledge that value philosophical knowledge and sought to bring knowledge and academic production closer to the community, expanding reflection outside the University, as well as disseminating content resulting from teaching, research and community actions and the media, university communication, of researcher of a greater number of people who make the alumni list of UNIFAP.

Dialogues with Philosophy is a project created by professors and holsters Rauliette Diana Lima e Everton Miguel Puhl Maciel, lasted three years (2018-2021) and was carried out on Rádio Universitária 96.9 FM; With the pandemic set it became broadcast by Youtube by Campus Santana. Currently, the radio show has been linked with the Youtube Channel to amplify that audience.

As the program was very successful, and went beyond expectations, reaching audiences in the riverside communities of Amapá and Pará, in all regions of Brazil, and some abroad. Proven by direct participation on Facebook and Social Medias. We intend to continue taking advantage of the success to fully reach our goals and continue expanding and taking information from the undergraduate degree in Philosophy at UNIFAP Campus Santana, updating the knowledge of professors, students and professionals of Philosophy; disseminating news and activities from Santana and other Unifap Campi to the internal and external communities. We would like to continue to serve as a space for interaction of academic activities at different university levels (undergraduate and masters), and working as a support for teaching, research and communication, transposing the walls of the University; this is the main justification for the execution of Dialogues with Philosophy.

Timeline and periodicity:
The original show must be update and recording on Campus Santana Youtube Chanel all Wednesday 2PM. On the same Week we have more two exhibitions at 96.9 FM (Rádio Universitária).

The completely historic records must be updated on line: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1qOy7KZHaxnqB1zzz8Mn2g - also the regular show has been on the air at 96.9FM to all Amapá Brazil region and on line Rádio e TV Unifap 96.9 FM – Canal 46 to all world. For this phase of process we are working with four or five shows each month; we project are working that between April until July. We must offer those same products for ne NFTs on The Philosophers DAO, with the sponsor logo equally.

USD 500 in NEAR – Prof. Dr. Everton Miguel Puhl Maciel [@maciel], for organization the radio talk show and call for guests, recording of the reading, audio editing and production of subtitles.

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Nice proposal, Prof. Dr. @maciel! Would you mind clarifying it a bit in respect to the products (you can edit the proposal)? How many videos? 4? It would be nice if all programs are uploaded at The Philosophers DAO youtube channel too (they can be uploaded in your channel, but we would like to upload them in ours too, with our sponsor logo), and if the episodes could be transformed in NFTs on our store (with 25% for our DAO), in order for us to use NEAR Blockchain and start to build our projects on web3. The products here are the products your project is going to produce.

Dear, Prof. Dr. @thephilosopher, you are right about ours suggestions; we can offer the product too agree the The Philosophers DAO portfolio, according ourself demand.

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Thank you so much, Prof. Dr. @maciel! We cant wait to start this project. :smiley: