[Approved] The Project Afternoon with Plato

Proponent: @calencar

Near account for payment: calencar.near

Project timeline: 05/04/2022 to 26/04/2022

History :

The Project Afternoon with Plato is a reading circle about the main Platonic works, with the aim of disseminating philosophy and literary culture among academics and the general public interested in knowing more about philosophical investigation and literary creation. This Project began last year, with the reading of the dialogues Symposium and Lysis by Plato, available on the Youtube page Investigação Filosófica, organized by @thephilosopher

Objetive :

To develop the ability of those interested in reading a text slowly and gradually, trying to absorb the lines and between the lines of what is said, in order to carry out what the ancients called “spiritual exercises” with reading and meditation.

Justification :

Reading, as an essential element for the good exercise of any profession and citizen achievement, becomes an instrument of constant improvement, so that encouraging and guiding it is a task of teaching and teaching. Our purpose is to be able to contribute to this incentive and guidance from the reading circle, seeking to highlight the textual and creative elements of the Platonic work as a kind of technique for the routine exercise of text comprehension and interpretation. In addition, the project places itself in a necessary dialogue between the university and society, so that the interested public can learn more about the work of the academy, using it for a desirable formation as a free citizen endowed with ethical reflection. The reading circle necessarily brings together students and the public from other undergraduate and graduate courses, encouraging the desirable exchange capable of developing university knowledge.

Timeline :

Days April 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th – Call for guests to read, recording of the reading of an excerpt from Plato’s Phaedo dialogue, video editing and production of subtitles, by @calencar

Project :

The videos will be made available on the Project Socratic reading project page, which can be accessed through the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4vF2qeeFgdFqXHwdNO8_w

Budget :

USD 500 in NEAR – Prof. Dr. Cesar de Alencar, PhD @calencar, for organization the reading circle, call for guests, recording of the reading, video editing and production of subtitles.


4 published videos in Youtube’s channel Projeto Socrática, the videos will also available through the youtube channel of The Philosophers DAO; 4 NFTs that will have NEAR sponsoring in the description, with the link for channel and a cover image (with the description linking with the videos) and with splits for the DAO at the DAO’s store: philosophart.mintbase1.near - Minter.


Interesting, Cesar. Thank you so much for your project to our DAO. Could you edit your proposal and add that you will make the videos available also through the youtube channel of The Philosophers DAO when it is ready? And that the NFTs will have our logo in it and NEAR sponsoring in the description? We still do not have a logo (although we could use Investigação Filosófica Logo), but we are planing a bounty for Logo in the forum. If you could add that you will mint your NFTs in this store, we would be greateful: philosophart.mintbase1.near - Minter

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Tks for your return, @thephilosopher! I will make this change now.

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Wonderful, Cesar! Your project is approved, inasmuch as we get funding. So I will add your project in our funding proposal. Thank you so much! Keep doing this beautiful work of bringing the Academy to the blockchain! You can update the title of your project with APPROVED instead of PROPOSAL. It means it is internally approved.

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