[Approved] FOR NEAR DANCE AMBASSADOR (NDA) February 2022

[proposal] for Near Dance Ambassador (NDA)
Dance project for near
Hi @David_NEAR @Grace @Dacha @jcatnear @Monish016 and other councils of marketing DAO I’m samuel popularly known as “psalm” online, I bring you good tidings. rather than having knowledge about blockchain,digital currency Nft and other decentralized activities am also a dancer too, I’m a content creator and promoter when it comes to dance and crypto currency, this brings me to my proposals, after long thinking and research I came out with a creative idea to merge dance and crypto, I can promote Near protocol in whole by making a dance video and involving Near activities in the clip and people see and watch the video wishing to know more about Near.
Popular mediums company use to promote their product and services mostly in Nigeria is through comedy and dance, cause viewers,audience and customers are attracted to entertainment…(as a good marketer we need to know what attracts our costumers

How to make this project happen and come to live and function. I already have an IG account of 1k plus followers you can check it out {https://www.instagram.com/dance_freahk/}which I feel with all best ideas and steps
by step approach we would fish as many investors and supporters as possible
Firstly I would be needing a Near costume for the dance video

  1. A Full Covered Face mask and nose mask having near logos on both 20$ and 4$Given 24$(One time request) this would be used for any video I would be doing
  2. A well designed near logo on hoody and little write up about near (e.g “Near protocol: a decentralized app, simple,scalable to use and very low gas fee)printed at the back of the hoody. Quality hoody &printing 34$
    3.pants and shoes wouldn’t need fundings for that
    4.videographer and editor for the video 30$
  3. Dancer and director(me) 50$If I would be needing extra dancers i would mention, but for our first video 2dancers would be required (me and a female dancer(30$)
    Example of the video am talking about in summary {*Killer Shinji* the next big cryptocurrency. - YouTube} that’s the YouTube link a friend of mine did for a crypto project “killer shinji” which my own idea is more better and attractive
  4. Additionally a infograohics about near with my pics as background, we would be needing 5 info graphic for the first dance video project 10$ each 50$
    Example of info graphics I would send it as a photo
    all 5 info graphics would have near related write up on it.

After all is done video would be posted on my IG page of 1k plus followers and can also be promoted on IG too

this is a screenshot of amount of people the video would reach and the amount to pay for promotion IG can promote for approximately 10,000NGN(Nigeria currency which is approx 20$ in usdt (this is optional)
We can also decide to promote it through Near promotional DAO or guilds which ever is better…
The goal is to attract more costumers and investors through entertainment and creative concepts and content

NDA guild is a project that would be done by just me, if I would be needing extra hands I would update on the threads
Budget amount
24$+34$+30$+50$+30$+50$=218$(without IG promotion)
With IG promotion of 20$ that’s 238$
Wallet of receiver: psalm.near

I’m sure when you see the first project you would love it and ask for more…lol :joy:
Hope for quick response and approvals
Thanks in advance
My goal and vision here is to promote Near with near strategy and creative ideas “WAGMI”


Hoping to hear from you soon @marketingdao-council

Hello @Psalmy ! I’m just a forum member, but I have a question. How will you track user conversions?



LOVE the enthusiasm, but I’m finding it difficult to see how this can be folded into marketing?

It seems as though it’s a video of a dance with NEAR forced into it? By that I mean this is something you may have already planned to do but are now adding the NEAR logo?

Maybe this would fit better under the creativesDAO?

Otherwise, I find it difficult to see the value.

cc @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


Hi @Psalmy – I second @David_NEAR comments about the enthusiasm – that’s great.

My concern is that your Instagram account only has 4 photos at this point and it’s not an account that currently (from what I can see) talks about Near. For me to be confident about a marketing effort via a social media account, I am typically looking for consistent content already there, audience engagement, etc.

My advice would be to build out some additional content so it looks like a real account – I don’t know the history of it obviously or how you built it, but with so little content, it can look like you purchased followers etc. and that can lessen credibility in marketing activities.


Hi @David_NEAR I’m going to be on near costumes and this costumes would have near logo at the front and write up about near behind the shirt!
This would bring about awareness to our audience about near, people would want to know more about such project…
So people would want to make research about near and I talked about info graphics which would have write up about near like “with near transactions are made easy and fast” “the future is near, the future is near” “Trade near with very low gas fee” etc and other mind catching words too

@so608 good question! The followers I’ve on IG was due to promotion am a promoter I do share my links to my WhatsApp friends and Facebook friends to follow me on IG and the account doesn’t look active cause I opened it last 2 months.
I lost my previous account and information when I lost my phone, have 4K plus followers on my other account I lost :disappointed: had to open this new one and start afresh to grow my account…
I posted a YouTube link of an example of how the video would look like to create awareness to viewers

Wow. Awesome dance

Overall it’s more Creativities DAO proposal, but Marketing DAO can cover


Glad to see new Near Community Contributors. Yes, it’s hard to understand how does it work at first time, :grinning: , but don’t worry about it.

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@Dacha so glad to hear from you, you’ve been one of the pillar of near protocol in a whole… yh true this is a creative DAO proposal but a means of marketing and exposing near world wide…bringing awareness to costumers
Just wearing a polo shirt that has near protocol logo printed on it it’s a means of advert too cause people would want to know more about such project investors would love to know more about Nearprotocol, when I watch the YouTube video about killer shinji I had to make research about the cause made me aware

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To support it, from my POV, from the MarketingDAO, I’d need to see a clearer vision as to how the content would be used, rather than just a post on a personal Instagram account with a relatively low number of followers.


@David_NEAR due to less followers I involved in the proposal to pay for promotion since IG has a feature that can promote your video, when the video is posted by me I can have minimum of 100views on the post but with IG payed ads we get reach 4K minimum views… 4K plus people would view the video and get awareness of near! Same way @Dacha watch a draft YouTube video of those dancers and liked it others would watch the video… rather than dance the video would have writings that would market near in a whole

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The value requested is very low and although I don’t fully see the Marketing value of this at the moment, and I agree with the comments from @so608, I’m happy to approve this as a passion project.


Legit. Reasonable. Go for it!

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This is just to introduce the project! So am giving you a taste of this project.
For now my budget is little for introduction
When am done with the project you guys can judge if it’s marketable or creative and you can also request for me to continue if you like the first project or not.

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Thanks for your reply @Psalmy! Looking forward to seeing your project happen!


Hi @david is it possible to edit my proposal even when it’s approved??

Hey, depends, what edits are you planning to make?

Feel free to share them in the comments and we can discuss

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Ohh ok it’s fine by me!
@David_NEAR i would like to charge the dancer and director 50$ each I didn’t involve the directors pay that’s 100$ and the female dancer 50$ not 30$ cause I decided to extend the time for the video clip from 30sec video to 1 minutes that’s an additional 70$ making the total budget 308$

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Hi @David_NEAR should I submit a proposal on this on Astro DAO?
Or what’s my next step?

Good evening! Yes, you can -