[Approved] Funding for 2 Projects -> Crypto Beer and Palmeros de Chacao

Hey! Could you provide more of a breakdown for these funds? Then I’m happy to approve :100:

In the forum, right? This has now been made :ballot_box_with_check:


Hey! Could you provide more of a breakdown for these funds? Then I’m happy to approve :100:

Hey @David_NEAR ! Thanks, nice to know you are happy to approve this marketing budget :white_check_mark: :v: :beers:

So here I share all the breakdown for the funds:

1) Cultural Human Heritage: Palmeros de Chacao

You will see in the spreedsheets that tools and equipment is going further than $14,000 but the idea is not to buy everything in one month and manage monthly in the best way $5,000 dollars
Our plan is to go step by step, growing and having a greater impact on events, so we will only adquire around %30 of the tools on the first month, and we will organize and deploy 2 events this november, one is a Diagnosis and the another one is Nursery garden rehabilitation.

We create a document where we record the meeting with Richard Delgado, the head of the “Palmeros”, where we record their needs and the action plan: here (Spanish version) and here (EN version)

2) Crypto Beer

Here, it is simpler, we did explain in the post that we will run 10 events per month with around $200 USD each. The number of events may vary, but if that happens, then the funds will not be spend waiting for the following events. We also want to print t-shirts with NEAR and the QR code.

With those funds we will pay the musicians, stand-up comedy, artist. :v: :beers:

Here the events we already have schedule:


  • Saturday 13: Cheers Factory Monthly NEAR meet-up: The first reunion of many (hopefully) where we will introduce people to NEAR. We will start from the basics and teach them how they can take advantage of what NEAR has to offer.
  • Friday 19: Factoria del Enano NEAR contributors: presentation for opportunities and explanation of the OWS and DAO systems. We will teach people how they can contribute to the NEAR ecosystem and generate profits.
  • Sunday 28: Galeria Tresy3 sculpture and photograph, gallery art presentation. We will talk about NFTs related subjects like the relationship between arts and how NEAR, with Mintbase or Paras, can help local artists introduce their artwork into blockchain technology.


  • Friday 10: D´ tapas live music event and NEAR talk. We will present some live musicians to draw newcomers into our NEAR community.
  • Friday 17: Cheers Factory Monthy NEAR meet-up and recap. Let’s take a look back and talk about what we have achieved as a community in the last months of the year.
  • Friday 26: Cheers Factory’s last meet of the year. Christmas diner: A general meet-up where we will talk with our community about individual progress into the NEAR ecosystem.


aprox $200 each event (for artists) → 10 events = $5,000

aprox $30 each T-Shirt (this include everything, like design, printing, transportation, etc) → 200 T-shirts = $6,000

Again, we are going to ask for $5,000 and we will spend the funds with this marketing strategy and we will show the result the next month, we are pretty sure it will be a success and will help the community to growth.

This has now been made :ballot_box_with_check:

Thank you for the Near Venezuela tag

We are asking for $10,000 USD in orther to start with this two projects.

Let us know how to proceed, best regards.


Good with me, pinging @Community-Squad for any further comments.

Thanks for such a great breakdown :tada:


Awesome @David_NEAR, thanks for the feedback :beers:


Good morning.

Only 3 new members in October?

This YouTube channel has 18 subscribers, and now it’s abandoned (last videos were created 2 months ago).

Dear councils @Grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh did you watch the videos? We spent $600 for them. For example:

Is it quality education videos ?

Last post was published over 14 months ago. Instagram account is abandoned.

Does it evidence of participation? Ok :blush:

What kind of content did you create? As I know you was just a one person who guessed the correct price. I’m an active member in Merchants Guild, but saw you ~ month ago there.

Overall, looks like the guild leader don’t put necessary attention on his guild. Don’t works with community. Occasionally shows activities in other Near Community guilds /groups.

Dear @Grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh please put you attention on their next report.



@Dacha this reply from you is emotional because of this:

So you take it bad when a point it out inappropriate behavior

I will still reply to your questions:

I was yestarday on a 2 hour interview with @Samtoshi_F_Baby talking about everything we are building here, from Venezuela and with the Hispanic Guild, we are really growing community and doing a very nice job that we enjoy because we are truly helping people when we teach them about blockchain and we onboard them into NEAR. We have onboard more than 30 developers now… there will be NEAR community on Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, I will update you about that on my future posts, and we will continue.

I will edit this post and answer you later.

Again, and this is for real: I am glad you are part of this community, we need people who cares and perform the role of controller Cheers on that :v: :beers:

But, sorry, on that post you where rude with @dmitryne and is not the way we interact, so I had to point it out.


  1. What is the issue with just 3 new members on the forum ? I am not receiving funds for that

Only 3 new members in October?

  1. We are on it @Dacha you are right there, I do believe we need to do more work there, and we will. We have use this videos to onboard real new people like Arturoahs Developer leyner ArianaVictoriaMoreno Giselle059 mavimorantes Grard and many more… And we will see the fruits for doing that, those videos help us to onboard them. To make it clear: We where 6 people and using a office and it takes around 8 hours of work for everyone.

This YouTube channel has 18 subscribers, and now it’s abandoned (last videos were created 2 months ago). We spent $600 for them

  1. I think you are right, quality should be improve, @Jloc was sick that week but we still wanted to reach the day line, we do know we have to repit that last one and we are working on editing and changing some of the videos, that last one is for sure. - we will improve the videos for sure and I will update you when done - take note: @Nicolasp2 @yehosua.near @Mineriavirtual

Is it quality education videos

  1. I explain it, you have to read carefully next time you see a post of mine. This is an account where I deleted most of the information, it has real followers from all Latin America and it was about memes and economy. I change the name to NearHispano, I did that for free… I never charge it… I am doing things for free (not encourging anyone to do anything for free, as we have discuss on other posts) what I dont like is you to question good work, this one is a good tool for marketing.

Last post was published over 14 months ago. Instagram account is abandoned.

  1. @NEARWeek-Rasmus #nearweek you are not reading the information or investigating before asking me this questions, is like repeating the same…

Here the medium posts:

@LuisAponte99 was onboarded with the help of the youtube videos too, he has a english certification… I have welcome so many people that I mod a channel on OWS discord.

Does it evidence of participation?

  1. I am a professional trader, you could read the info again, you could investigate, I am being all the transparent that is possible to be.

@SanketN81 giving me a tip for an advise

I am MOD now on Merchants group because on Zuccini words I am a valuable member of the community

What kind of content did you create? As I know you was just a one person who guessed the correct price. I’m an active member in Merchants Guild, but saw you ~ month ago there.

Hope you can review professionally next time and not emotionally

May the Force be NEAR you :sunglasses:

Cheers :v: :beers:


You got me definitely wrong. I meant this place is not about equal access for Near Community members. Someone has privilege and favor over other.

Would you like do $600 refund ?

Ok. Thanks for explanation. I hope it’s volunteering work for you.


You could be right ! That’s why I always cheer you up and congrat your work.

But there are better ways to question members and ask for more transparency

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No, the work was done and it has work for it’s purpose onboarding people. Not to many right now but real good people, developers lawyers artist an go on.

What I ask the team is to edit or update the videos to improve the content

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I am volunteering leading the Venezuelan Guild, I will not charge for that for example I really want to lead the projects to the best results.

I see a lot of people charging for being council and I am doing it for free and also I am reviewing, helping, leading this hard projects. It is a lot of work and I am doing it happy knowing it will help a lot of people and will growth the Near Community and ecosystem.

But again, I do not encourage to do work for free to anyone. If you do a work and you create value you should be rewarded.


How many people were onboarded after theses videos? Did you get any feedbacks in comments?


Grad to hear it. Usually, people here just chase money. Only 1-5% of real true believers on the forum.


I have use the videos with people that came to me on events, or that is referred to me by others. So we haven’t do any marketing for the YouTube channel yet. We chill the videos on our telegram group.

We have comments on how to improve the videos but even though we are full time with Near, we have not time yet for the task. But we will do it for sure.

I don’t know if that is a real percentage but I do believe that there is always people only chasing money. That’s why I always cheer you up and congrat your work here as a contrallor.

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@Dacha will you be open to do an AMA, we can discuss the DAO council democracy also, I will like to record it and upload it on YouTube.

What you say / are you in ?

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Opportunity and reward for those who complete the following steps:

Para la gente bella que esta ingresando, si siguen estos pasos les fondeo su cuenta con aprox $20 USD en forma de NEAR, para convertirlos en bs utilizar binance, o cualquier cosa incluso cash utilizar a @Gastonromano que es merchant en Binance.com


  1. Abrir usuario en el foro con el invite: NEAR Forum
    deben confirmar con el correo y seguir las instrucciones del bot

  2. Darle me gusta a nuestro post de aprobación de nuestro Guild con el que recibimos $10.000 USD de financiamiento este mes.
    [Approved] Monthly Fund for the Venezuelan Squad

  3. Ingresar aquí en discord: Open Web Sandbox
    Deben buscar un canal que dice verify y colocar /verify y luego llenar el captcha del bot

  4. Aqui van a colocar su perfil profesional para que les podamos ofrecer trabajos especificos de su profesión:
    Contributor Form

------> Solicitan el pago aquí y con su billetera que la abren en wallet.near.org
Guia: How to create your NEAR Wallet. Free wallet — Easy steps | by Fritz Wagner | Nov, 2021 | Medium

2Near reward.

Si además traen 50 personas al canal de telegram un bono de 1N

Hehe this was only for that they and was promoted with the Venezuelan Community because is to encourage more venezuelans into the NEAR Community




buscando un poco sobre el protocolo Near me encontre con esta guild que esta en mi pais y accedí a una videoconferencia que ellos invitaron , y pude profundizar mas en las actividades y recompensas que tiene este ecosistema me parecio full genial y quiero seguir aportando en lo que se pueda. Saludos!! la propuesta de Near venezuela esta genial ojala sigan creciendo.


Good afternoon team.

Grateful for the work at NEAR Venezuela.

This is to make the request to the #near-venezuela guild for the necessary funds for WIFI portable internet equipment and the repair of the laptop computer of one of the guild members. Since we have internet issues in the country, with which we need the equipment to solve contingencies about internet failures. The requested equipment is:

  • 4 portable WIFI equipment.
  • An HP laptop battery.

So, the final amount will be $335 or aprox 37 NEAR (date reference).

We will be very grateful for this help and we will continue working with Near Venezuela Guild and OWS


Hi, I love these plans (“Our following efforts - What’s Next”) and hope to support you soon.

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