[PROPOSAL] Comic Ebook for Web3 Entrepreneurial Education


My name is Cezars NCA and currently part of the NCE with Project Saule, a Web3 social entrepreneurship for business, financial and of course Web3 education for young learners.
Among other things I have a background of working in integration projects for immigrants in the EU and I’m a certified language teacher and amateur writer.

In the journey of founding our company I have noticed and also received as feedback, the increasing interest for an educational product for young learners regarding Web3 and entrepreneurial skills. Our company was created originally for adult education but the results of our market research are steering us to a younger audience.

The narrative of blockchain is especially strong among the 18-22 y.o. that are figuring what to do with their lives, but also want to impact and change the world for the better, although aren’t sure of how and we want to help them in their journey of self discovery but bringing them with tools that have the potential to actually improve not only their lives but their communities and families as well.

In my experience comic books are great delivery mediums for complicated or controversial topics and making them digital allows almost universal accessibility widening its reach to incredible proportions. Therefore we want to create a digital comic book or Ecomic for Web3 entrepreneurship, that would allow the reader go into a journey of self discovery using the famous Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty) storytelling circle combined with the use of business and financial learning tools such as business canvas, SWOT, or sales funnel among others.

The aim of the book is not only the spread of knowledge but thanks to the storytelling also to be a self reflection tool for the reader to understand him/her better as well as his/her surroundings, community, circle, etc to identify real world problems and try to figure long lasting solutions with the help of the Web3 technology. Even if the reader drops the book at half we expect it will impact his/her professional decision making.


-A digital comic book, 80 pages + covers, size 7x10”
-It could be downloaded or printed as a PDF
-It will be available from the start in 2 languages: Spanish & English.
-In digital format it will have links to internet resources from NEAR, and as PDF the URLs
-Content of the comic book will be used to create content for TIK-TOK that is currently an underused medium for blockchain education for such important penetration the platform has.
-Art of the comic will be launched as a NFT collection on PARAS


-Serve as an entrance door for young learners into the Web3 entrepreneurial world and create real life uses of the technology which would help to its mass adoption.
-The storytelling/quest of the book will serve as a blueprint for a VR gamified learning experience Project Saule is developing for young social entrepreneurs in Northern Europe.

Expected result

-Publish weekly or biweekly a post on LinkedIn with raw content of the book to receive feedback from peers and interested people alike. This should increase the awareness of the project and possible collaborators but also awareness in the profesional community about NEAR University.
-Increased awareness of the young demographic, their parents, teachers and friends/family circles about NEAR and NEAR University.
-The book will be available free of charge during 2022 and with a price of 1USD in 2023 for the digital version or Ebook. The proceedings will go to funding our NPO in Latvia.
-We have had talks with people from diverse youth organizations and NPOs in Mexico City and the cities of Kosice in Slovakia, Helsingfor in Sweden and Vilnius in Lithuania receiving positive feedback and interest therefore we expect actual collaborations when the book will be ready:

Success metrics
  1. The book reaches 1,000 users
  2. The book is integrated into the digital libraries of at least 1 youth organization and/or schools of informal education per the following countries Latvia, Mexico, Slovakia, Sweden, Australia and Lithuania.
  3. The book’s publication leads to the opening of NEAR wallets as a step to continue further education such as the NCA or other.
Further opportunities

-The professional layout of the book allows it to be easily translated to several languages if desired.
-After adapting the narrative of the book’s storytelling it can be escalated for a board game and/or a mobile game.
-It will create a decision tree for the use of Web3 solutions on non technical B2C and/or SME
-It can spin a series of similar books about blockchain, defi, DAOs, or even about the NEAR ecosystem.

Milestones and roadmap

After 1 month:
-First draft of the storyboard
-Artistic concept of the comic book

After 2 months:
-Second draft of the storyboard
-Artist can start drawing the storyboard
-Final draft of the storyboard

After 3 months:
-Artist submit the art for revision
-Style and language corrections

After 4 months:
-Art is ready
-Layout and formatting
-Printing and publishing

After 5 months:
Receive and analyze users feedback

After 6 months:
If feedback is satisfactory go ahead with the kickstarter campaign
See interest for further translations


Budget/tasks Cost
Creative and project management 1000 USD
Writing and storytelling 2000 USD
Art of the comic book 1500 USD
Covers 500 USD
Style corrector and edition ENG+SP 1750 USD
Layout and formatting 1500 USD
Launching campaign in social media 350 USD
Kickstarter campaign 400 USD

The cost is based on my similar experience working under comision with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia that calculates a range from 9 to 12 EUR/hour after taxes and depending on experience. Please notice that it can be done cheaper but it will impact on the quality of the final product, however I can adapt to the budget and look for the best possible quality.

Notice as well that I’m requesting an additional USD400 for the kickstarter campaign, to pump the first donations during the first week of the campaign. If not launched or successful the money will be refunded. FYI we consider that the interactive version of the comic would cost about USD2000 to build so the main goal of the kickstarter campaign is awareness about NEAR University and our project Saule.

Comic script and development

Next steps

-If the book reaches over 1000 users we want to create a kickstarter campaign for the interactive version of it. This kickstarter campaign is planned for the autumn of 2022 and will be focused on the US, delivering the interactive book and the rewards ahead of Christmas 2022.

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Love this idea! Very creative! Getting the NEAR story into niches is one way of ensuring people from different “sectors” of life get exposure. There’s never a one-size-fits-all on a global level.


This is an excellent project to help accelerate mass adoption of Near and increase blockchain and open web protocol education.

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